Implementation Scheme of Fire Safety Work in XX Primary School I. Guiding Ideas In order to fulfill the responsibility of the main body of fire safety and enhance the "four abilities" of fire safety management, according to the requirements of the relevant documents of the superiors, we should do a good job in implementing them and further enhance the "four abilities" of our school's fire safety work.We should conscientiously implement the principle of "giving priority to prevention and combining prevention with elimination", vigorously carry out fire safety inspection, pay close attention to the rectification and implementation of hidden fire hazards, improve our ability to resist fire, effectively protect the personal safety and public property safety of teachers and students, and create a good fire safety environment for our work on a new step. II. Organizational Leadership Establish a fire safety team with the principal as the principal and the head teacher as the system, and set up a school fire safety work leading group: Group leader: XX (principal) Deputy Team Leader: XX (School Safety Manager) Members: All Teachers III. Tasks: 1. Implementing the responsibility system for fire safety in various rooms, classes, computer rooms, farming and remote rooms, laboratories, etc.To clarify the responsibility person of fire safety in the area under responsibility and the division of responsibilities in fire safety work, and to implement fire safety responsibilities at all levels. 2. Carry out school-wide fire safety inspection to effectively eliminate potential fire hazards. All classes should organize and study the Fire Protection Law of the People's Republic of China.We will carry out self-inspection and self-reform activities for fire safety and establish a new mechanism for self-inspection of fire safety.The school organizes fire safety inspection twice a month. The key parts should insist on monthly inspection and patrol, and establish fire safety checking desk account. 3Strengthen the construction of school fire fighting facilities, supplement and allocate relevant fire fighting equipment and strengthen the maintenance system to improve the ability to resist fire. 4. Strengthen on duty and prepare for battle, and make preparations for fire fighting and rescue. In view of the characteristics of winter and spring fires, schools should strengthen fire safety education for teachers and students, enhance the legal concept and safety awareness of teachers and students, make teachers and students understand the fire prevention measures of their positions, so that they can alarm, use fire extinguishing equipment to fight initial fires, save themselves and organize evacuation. IV. Specific measures: 1To organize legal reports and fire safety knowledge education. 2Each teaching class organizes the Legislative Education Report Conference and the Theme Class Meeting on Fire Safety. 3Each room checks the hidden fire hazards in the responsible area by itself. 4To further implement responsibilities and subdivide jobs according to the requirements of superiors. (schedule) 5To adhere to the monthly and weekly inspection system to all areas of responsibility. V. Requirements for work: 1. The headmaster is the first person responsible for the school fire control work, and the head teachers in each class are the direct persons responsible for the fire control work. seriousness We of should the fire highly control recognize work and the the arduousness of the task. With a strong sense of responsibility and urgency, we should earnestly strengthen the leadership and make every effort to do well the fire control work in this part, so as to achieve meticulous organization, careful deployment, division of labor and cooperation, and responsibility to people. 2. The leading group of school fire safety work is responsible for the inspection and guidance of fire protection work in each responsible area.Fire control work should be taken as an important part of the endof-year assessment of the responsible persons in each responsible area.At the end of the year, we should check the situation of fire prevention work, sum up our experience and find out the gaps. If serious and extraordinary accidents occur due to neglect and lack of implementation of the work, the persons directly responsible should be investigated for their responsibilities. 3. Under the unified command and

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