Safe operation of pneumoperiton eum (I) Operation r oom Liu Shan Ju   The main function of pneu moperitoneum machine is t o establish and maintain pneumoperitoneum to ensur e clear operation field a nd safe gas injection. Safe and smooth establish ment of pneumoperitoneum is the key to laparoscopi c surgery Total gas injection Intraperitoneal pressure resupposition of intraperitoneal pressure Actual discharge Preset value of gas injection rate Discussion one  traperitoneal When pneumoperitoneum is injected, how to observe the parameters of pneumoperi toneum machine to determine the correct pressure position of pneumoperitoneum needle? Total gas injection Establishment and observation of pneumoperitoneum 11 Nursing Research: Safe Operation of Pn eumoperitoneum Machine for Laparoscopi c Surgery and Prevention of Complicati ons  Pneumoperitoneum was established and observed. Pneum operitoneum needle position was verified again by pn eumoperitoneum injection test. After trachea injecti on was connected with pneumoperitoneum needle, the i ntraperitoneal pressure did not exceed 1.3KPa (10mmH g) at the beginning of pneumoperitoneum injection, a nd the intraperitoneal pressure increased gradually with the increase of air injection, which indicated that the position of pneumoperitoneum needle was cor rect.In general, the abdominal pressure of 1.9KPa (1 4mmHg) in adults requires 3-4L CO2 gas. If the abdom inal pressure exceeds this value when the gas is les s than 1L, the position of pneumoperitoneal needle i s incorrect. Clinical Medical Papers: An Analysis of 5598 Cases of Pneumoperitoneum Safely Established by Semi-open Sheath-inserting Pneumoperitoneu m in Laparoscopic Surgery  When injecting air into the abdomen, if the reading of the pneumoperitoneum machine rises evenly from 1mm Hg a nd the injection speed is 2.0l/min, it shows that the p osition of the pneumoperitoneum needle is correct. If t he injection speed is below 1.0l/min, the pressure read ing of the pneumoperitoneum machine fluctuates greatly and soon exceeds 10mm hg, it should be considered that the pneumoperitoneum needle may be too deep, or the out let of the pneumoperitoneum needle is blocked by the gr eater omentum, so that the vascular clamps holding both sides of the white line of the abdoIncrease the distanc e between abdominal wall and abdominal viscera and adju st the position of pneumoperitoneal needle Gas injection process Pneumoperitoneum flow contro l  Process Endoscope-related process Laparoscopic operation process.doc Flow control during pneumoperit oneum establishment   Initiate low-pressure gas injection (1-2L/min) to adapt the body t o the process of intraperitoneal pressure changes; prevent needl e position inappropriate cause subcutaneous emphysema, gas embolism, etc. High flow rate can quickly achieve the goal of establishing and maintaining pneumoperitoneum. On the one hand, the abdominal pressure rises sharply because of excessive flow rate. On the other hand, the diaphragm rises sharply, which can cause the reduction of gas flow and obstruct the discharge of CO2, resulting in the accumulation of CO2 and hypercapnia.On the other hand, it stimulates membrane stretch receptor and excites vagal reflex to cause myocardial arrest. Observation of Pneumoperitoneum Establishment and Flow Control Low pressure compensation Overvoltage protection Situation two What happens wh en laparoscopi c surgery is o ver and the pneumoperitone um and CO2 cylinders are separated?Why?  Pictures with a defl ected head when ex hausting How to Release CO2 Remaining G as  Process Endoscop e-related process Laparoscopic operation process.doc   Disc Mirror Exhaus t Air Through N2 Meter Decompression Valve Pneumoperitoneum machine does not need to install CO2 meter pressure relief valve Close pneumoperitoneum correct ly Intake switch of pneumoperitoneum machine Turn off CO2 cylinder switch The air intake switch of the pneumoperitoneum (ex haust gas, red light flashing alarm of the pneu moperitoneum indicates exhaust gas) determines that the pipeline is not connected with Trokar. Turn off the intake switch Power Switch of Pneumoperitoneum Turn-off Machine Separation of pneumoperitoneum and CO2 cylinders. primary coverage I. Observation of Pneumoperito neum Establishment and Flow C ontrol 2. Close pneumoperitoneum corr ectly Details determine success or failu re   The observation and correct use

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