I Grow with Enterprises There is a feeling of mutual encouragement and progress; there is a motivation, is to die together. I am well aware that as an employee working in a large enterprise, he should be ambitious, down-to-earth and have his own long-term goals and plans.This is not only the requirement of the enterprise, but also what I have to do. Occasionally, sails will be hung straight to the sea.After three years of training, with the help of the platform provided by the enterprise to me, the shy, shy little boy disappeared.Now, I accept criticism modestly and try hard to finish my work. I have experienced the baptism of a large enterprise with decades of cultural accumulation, which has made me an adult who does things steadfastly, carefully and without surprise.Whether in the big occasions or in front of big people, I am proud to be a part of the construction of North China, always maintaining the image of large enterprises.I know that the enterprise has given me the opportunity to experience, I should take a good grasp, in this ordinary post, conscientious and silent work.All this is due to my loyalty to the enterprise. If you don't advance, you will go backwards. This is an unchanging truth for enterprises and individuals.Whether it is the development of enterprises or individuals, there will inevitably be tremendous pressure on them. At present, social competition is so fierce that occupying the big market is successful.We should turn pressure into motivation and distribute the pressure of enterprises to every employee so that everyone can unite and give full play to the advantages of the collective.In the past three years, in order to be better qualified to meet the needs of enterprise reform and development, I have sacrificed my spare time to overcome all kinds of difficulties, studied management knowledge, and obtained the qualification certificate of cost engineer and the certificate of second-level builder, adhering to the idea of learning from work and working in study.Take the initiative to expand your knowledge.In the past three years, every bit, in all respects, only to exercise themselves, only to add a light to the enterprise, do one's best. There is a good saying: a drop of water into the sea will become eternal, a person who loves his ordinary post, his life will be more wonderful.For this ordinary post, for this vibrant enterprise, I will continue to dedicate my light and heat!Thank you for all the leaders and colleagues who care about and support me. You encouraged me and helped me in my growth. I will do my job as usual and live up to the expectations and cultivation of the enterprise.At the same time, I believe that the future of enterprises will be better! I am developing with the enterprise Distinguished leaders, dear colleagues: Let me realize a sentence: responsibility is more important than Mount Tai! How important are the four words dedication, dedication, loyalty and responsibility in one's life? A band needs the concerted efforts of all its members, otherwise it is difficult to present the charm of the lingering sound; a rose needs the selfless dedication of its roots, otherwise it is difficult to emit the refreshing fragrance; a bridge needs the support of piers, otherwise it is difficult to load the circulation of tens of thousands of cars; and the flourishing development of an enterprise also needs the down-to-earth and true footwork of every employee.To do a good job, we need every employee's love and dedication. A sense of strangeness in the new environment, a sense of identity with the new culture, a sense of belonging to the enterprise...In the first days of my life, I struggled with my thoughts every day. Day by day, all the way, all the way to grow, all the way to harvest.Sweat like rain, it is the fruit of midsummer labor; laugh and talk with colleagues, I understand another life experience, see the smiling faces of colleagues around me, and finally understand that the original ordinary position can also produce countless joy, indeed, for most employees of enterprises, are unknown ordinary people, no amazing achievements, no dazzling aura, in peacetime.Perhaps not good at words, not big words, never think that they can make outstanding contributions, on time to work, discipline, hard work, very ordinary, but also very common.But it is in these ordinary employees that I feel a dedicated and dedicated pursuit.In the final analysis, the stability, devel

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