The Art of Motivation in Hu man Resources Lecture: Li Jianyi 1 Basic Theory of Human Nature       There is a famous story in ancient Greek mythology, "The Mys tery of the Sphinx". The ancient Greek philosopher Bamenides believed that man was born from the earth. "Liezi Huangdi" pointed out that "there are seven feet of skel eton, the difference between hands and feet, wearing hair an d teeth, depending on the eater, so-called people". Five Demands of A, H and Maslow Douglas McGregor put forward X theory-Y theory The Hypothesis of "Complex Man" 2 What is incentive? 1. Motivation is a kind of motivation for huma n beings to put it into practice. Moving Potential 2. Organizations enable employees to be crea tive Methods of spontaneous contribution 3. The purpose of incentive is to improve the s taff Emotion (usually called morale) 3 What is incentive? IV. Ultimate Purpose - Improving Productivity V. Productivity and morale are closely related 6. Talking about incentives, there are only two sit uations One is how to improve the morale that was so lo w. One is how to maintain what was already quite ex pensive. morale 4 What is morale? 1. Morale is the most advantageous weapon in the world 2. The so-called "win before win" in Military Scienc e 3. Morale is divided into: 1. Vigor 2. Courage 3. Virtue 4. Haoqi 5, Zhengqi 6, Zhiqi 4. Morale is identity, willpower, love, hope, The Supreme Performance of Confidence and Mutua l Aid 5 The Law of Motivation First, you must be motivated before you ca n motivate others. 2. Motivation means mobilization, aiming a t the participation of all members. 3. What people support is the real incentive . 6 The Law of Motivation 4. The highest incentive is to arouse the spontaneity of the other party. 5. Incentives start with respect for each other 6. Motivating Action Instead of Suggestio n and Suggestion Instead of Criticism 7 The Law of Motivation 7. Everyone has an incentive lead. 8. The Motivation of Team Attribution 9. Appropriate appreciation, trust, Empowerment is the most effective incentiv e 8 Understanding Employees - Fourt een Work Wishes I. Preferential Treatment and Remuner ation II. Opportunities for Promotion III. Safeguard and Security of Work IV. Opportunities to Exert Ability 5. A wise Supervisor 9 Understanding Employees - Fourteen Wor k Wishes 6. Good Welfare Measures 7. Learning working knowledge and ski lls 8. Good working environment 9. Successful Working Partners 10. Reasonable working hours 10 Understanding Employees - Fourteen Wor k Wishes Interested or Challenged Work 12. Work beneficial to society 13. Get acceptance, affirmation and app reciation from others 14. Joyful Work 11 The characteristics of being motivated I. Care about your image 2. Be enthusiastic about life 3. Positive Attitude IV. Expecting Success 12 Reasons for not being motivated I. Lack of self-confidence II. Disturbance from Negative Opinions The feeling of "there is no future here" 4. Feeling unimportant 13 Causes of low morale I. Don't care about subordinates 2. Never communicate with subordina tes No Opinions and Suggestions Fourth, arrogance. 14 Causes of low morale 5. Failure to be open and impartial witho ut discrimination 6. Difficult and unseasonable manageme nt 7. More blame and less help 8. Lack of responsibility and stingy prais e 15 Causes of low morale 9. Disobedience and dishonesty 10. Lack of exemplary role models 11. Failure to build a common boat, Consciousness of brotherhood and foot af fection 12. Money is not clear, workplace is not clear 16 The Principle of Motivation 1. Don't ignore the power of money —— Material Incentive Method 2. Spirit is more important than matt er —— Honor Incentive Method III. Planning is as important as goals —— Target Incentive Method 17 The Principle of Motivation 4. Belief is the Most Important Code —— Trust Incentive Method 5. Listening is more important than spe aking. —— Emphasis on Incentive Method 6. Affirmation is more important than n egation —— Affirmative Incentive Method 18 The Principle of Motivation 7. It's more important to discover the advanta ges than to criticize the disadvantages. —— Positive Incentive Method 8. A person who sets an example and is sure to succeed —— Demonstration Incentive Law Providing opportunities for participation —— Participatory Incentive Method 19 How to create a team with high morale I. Give a Good Working Environment 2. Building a

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