I. Preparations 530 get up 700 When the groom's hairstyle is ready, he arrives near the bride's house and waits. 745 Bride make-up finished, inform groom 2. Wedding Car Huangshi Wedding Planning V Letter: 815134639 630 Start to tie up the lottery car 730 Colorful Car Completion 745 special bus to take the bride back to her home (arrived before 8:30) 8By 00, all the bycars will be in place. 805. The convoy has been assembled.Under the guidance of the bridegroom's wedding supervisor, queues of motorcades gave the car stickers and handed out wedding bags to drivers.It will be finished in 15 minutes. 730 years ago, the groom's friends arrived.Wedding supervisor again clarifies the division of labor on the day and checks the items and quantities needed at all stages of the day. 800 The groom changes clothes.The cameraman and photographer arrived. 3. Receiving the Bride 8From 00 to 8:20, the wedding supervisor arranges who will be married in the past, what things to do, what things to take, which cars to go on, and waits by his car before the groom goes downstairs. The groom can leave after he goes downstairs.Before going out, the cameraman usually arranges a small ceremony for the groom. 8The bride is picked up from the groom's house around 28 or 8:38. On the road, it is only necessary for the main fleet to maintain a good formation, and the vehicles in the fleet should not overtake at will.The speed and route of the motorcade are controlled by the camera car. 9Around 00-9:20, the motorcade can arrive at the bride's house and help the groom knock at the door with his friends.Generally, the door can be opened within 20 to 40 minutes, which is normal.If the two families are far apart, the bride's family should arrange it well, and not make it too long, so as not to affect the subsequent procedures. After the groom enters the door, according to the usual practice in Nanjing, he has to present flowers to the bride. With the participation of friends, he can also make a love declaration in front of many friends.Then, after putting on the brooch for the groom, tea is offered to his father-in-law and mother-in-law. At this time, the old man can make some requests to the couple, and the groom official has to make a gesture. 10Around 00, when the bride goes out, she is mostly carried downstairs by her brothers and brothers (or brothers and brothers from afar). The groom will have to take out the biggest red envelope.Usually the bride gets on the bus without touching her feet. When she gets on the bus, the groom changes her shoes for the bride. On the way back, the cameraman usually takes more shots, such as the scenes of the whole motorcade moving, the scenes of a couple in the main car and so on.At this time, all the by-cars just need to follow the main car, the main car can watch the tips of the camera car to drive.Generally, there are two ways to choose. First, the cameraman or his assistant gestures and commands by mobile phone. Second, the light of the van is used to command.Both are acceptable. IV. Welcome the Bride 10Around 20, the convoy arrived at the man's home and the newcomers got off and set off four small salutes.The bridegroom carries the bride in the door, the child rolls in the bed, the bridesmaid prepares tea, the bride presents tea to the father and mother of the man, and the bride and groom depart to the hotel. V. Hotel preparation 10Bring sugar, tobacco, wine, tea and beverages to the hotel at 00. 1010. Final check the details of banquet arrangement, stereo, signature, etc. 1030. Prepare the bride and groom's welcome cigarettes and matches 1045 color ribbon division arrives at the entrance of the hotel, the hotel welcomes guests 1050 Brides and Grooms to Hotel, Ribbons 1100 sign everywhere 1100. The guide is seated at the door. The bride and groom greet the guests at the bridesmaid's door. 6. Wedding Ceremony 1110. Host preparation, audio preparation 1115 Bridesmaids check their marriage certificates and rings again.Balloon and ribbon in place 1120 Music prelude, set off the atmosphere.Waiting under the flower arch for the ceremony to begin and the entrance Presentation by the Moderator Address by the Principal Marriage Marriage witness read out marriage certificate The parents of the new couple come on stage The bride and groom exchange rings and bow three times New couples offer tea to their parents Speeches by parents of both sides Both parents retired Spee

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