Common sense of dress etiquette in unit interview (1)Expressive power Employers generally observe whether job seekers can systematically, completely and accurately convey their content to each other; whether quotations and expressions are accurate; whether pronunciation is accurate, whether tone is soft; and how the posture and expression are when they speak. As the interviewees, they should pay attention to the following points: (a) whether the conversation is coherent; (b) whether the topic is prominent; (c) whether the ideas are clear; (d) whether the conversation is persuasive. II.Thinking and Judgment Ability Employers generally observe whether the subjects can accurately and quickly judge the situation they are facing; whether they can properly handle emergencies; whether they can quickly answer each other's questions, and the answers are concise and appropriate. As subjects, they should be prepared for accurate, prompt and decisive decisions.We should have confidence in our own judgment, and also analyze whether the other party is a logical judgment or a perceptual judgment. 3.Operation ability Employers mainly focus on whether the other party's identified things go on; whether the rhythm of work is tense and orderly; adaptability to group operations; whether they have organizational leadership ability. In this way, the participants should emphasize their practical ability and writing ability, and express what they think as clearly as possible. 4.Character Employers mainly focus on examining whether the other party's sense of responsibility is strong; whether the work can be completed trustfully; whether the problem is extreme; whether the mood is stable; and whether they can adapt to the business with higher requirements. When responding, participants should highlight their self-confidence, strong will, strong sense of responsibility, strong interpersonal skills, as well as predictability and planning. 5.attitude Employers mainly focus on observing the respondents'reaction to embarrassing problems, whether they can make people close, whether they are attractive to others, and so on.Participants should pay attention to proper dress, elegant manners, generous expression, and answer questions seriously and honestly.

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