How much is the construction cost per square meter 1.Pile Foundation Engineering (if any): 70-100 yuan per square metre; 2.A steel bar:4075KG/m2 (low multi-layer content, high-level content), 160-300 yuan/m2; 3.Concrete:0.30.5 cubic/square metre (low multi-layer content, high-level content), 100-165 yuan/square metre; 4.Masonry works:60_120 per square metre (higher multi-layer content and lower high-level content); 5.Plaster works:25_40 per square metre; 6.Exterior wall engineering (including thermal insulation):50From 300 to 1000 yuan per square metre (according to the standard of general coatings, such as stone or curtain wall); 7.Indoor Hydropower Installation Project (including Fire Protection):60120 yuan per square metre (according to the grade of the district, the multi-storey level is slightly lower); 8.Roofing works:15_30 per square metre (higher multi-layer content and lower high-level content); 9.Door and window works (excluding access):The floor area of doors and windows per square metre is about 0.25-0.5 square metres (which is closely related to design and high-grade or not, and the proportion of highgrade is relatively large). The cost is 90-300 yuan/square metre, which is generally 90-150 yuan/square metre. If high-grade aluminium alloy doors and windows are used, it may reach 300 yuan/square metre. 10.Earthwork, entrance, flue and public decoration works:30150 yuan per square metre (the higher the grade, the higher the cost); 11.Basement (if any):Increase the cost by 40-100 yuan per square metre (higher multi-storey content and lower high-level content); 12.Elevator works (if any):40It is about 200 yuan per square metre, which is closely related to the grade of the elevator, the number of elevators and the number of floors. The general project is about 100 yuan per square metre. 13.Labor cost:130200 yuan per square metre; 14.Outdoor supporting projects:30It's about 300 yuan per square metre, generally about 70 to 100 yuan per square metre. 15.Formwork, support, scaffolding engineering (cost):70150 yuan per square metre; 16.Tower crane, cargo elevator, elevator and other construction machinery(about 5-8% of the total cost: about 60-90 yuan per square metre;) 17.Temporary facilities (living area, office area, warehouse, road, other temporary facilities on site)(Water, electricity, sewage, image, production shed and other production rooms): 30-50 yuan per square metre; 18.Expenses for testing, testing, formalities, transportation, communication, etc.10_30 per square metre; 19.Contractor management fees, information, labor insurance, profit and other expenses (about10%):The sum of the above items is * 10%= 90-180 yuan/square metre. 20.Submit various taxes and fees (total cost) to the state3.3~3.5%):3370 yuan per square metre, high-end may be as high as 100 yuan per square metre.10. Above no actuarial decoration, the general cost is about 1000-2000 yuan per square meter, high-end residential areas can reach more than 3500 yuan.The above does not include the cost of corruption caused by the development of some state-owned enterprises.The cost of fine decoration is generally 500-1500 yuan per square metre, depending on the grade. There are also 300 yuan per square metre for simple decoration and 300010000 yuan per square metre for super-high-grade decoration.10. 21.Design fee (including pre-design concept period cost):15_100 per square metre; 22.Supervision fee:3_30 per square metre; 23.Advertising, planning and sales agency fees:Generally 30-200 yuan per square metre, the higher can be more than 500 yuan per square metre. 24.Land fee:Generally, the urban area (old suburban area) of the secondtier city is 700-1 million yuan/mu, and the volume ratio is 1.0-2.0. Therefore, the converted house price is 525-1500 yuan/square metre, the central area of the city is 2 million yuan/mu, the converted house price is 1500-3000 yuan/square metre, the core area can reach more than 3 million yuan/mu, and the single land cost is higher; the first-tier city even has as high as 20,000 yuan/square metre.Unilateral cost of land; third-tier cities, counties and other land unilateral cost is low, generally 100-500 yuan per square metre, but also up to 2000 yuan per square metre or more; 25.Land taxes and fees and advance fees,Generally, it is about 15% of the land fee, and the second-tier cities are between 100 and 500 yuan per square meter. The standards vary from place to place.10. epilogue Capita

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