How does 3D printing technology play an important role in medical field? With the development of technology and in-depth research, the application potential of 3D printing technology has been constantly explored and widely applied.In the medical field, 3D printing is currently used in the development of new surgical incisions, drilling guides, orthopedics, prosthesis implants, and patientspecific printing of bone, organs and vascular substitutes.In a survey conducted by Wohlers in 2015, 13% of 3D printing revenue comes from companies related to the medical industry.More than 20 different types of implants, including skull, hip, knee and spinal implants, approved by the Food and Drug Administration of the United States (FDA), are produced using various 3D printing techniques.In addition, more than 100,000 acetabular (hip cup) implants have been produced by 3D printing so far, of which about 50,000 have been implanted into patients. All of this will continue to enhance the important role and milestone of 3D printing in the medical industry, including customized products for everyone.This improves medical staff's understanding of patients and allows them to design operations to improve patients'comfort in the process of interaction with products. According to the needs of the medical industry, how can 3D printing become the best technology path in a variety of application scenarios?It will also discuss the limitations of its application in the public health sector and the further impact that we must overcome.Finally, a series of case studies are used to show its application in the medical industry. What does the medical industry really need? Patient needs - customization The essence of personalized medicine is not to make thousands of the same components, which means that 3D printing in the medical industry should customize the repair methods and create correction devices according to the specific physiological structure of patients, so as to propose effective solutions. Printing Components - Complexity In the past, traditional manufacturing may have difficulty in creating complex organic shapes. Currently, 3D printing technology can provide potential unlimited design possibilities.The thin framework of porous metal parts follows the skeletal structure perfectly, which opens the door for many previously impossible applications and designs, especially for parts with high requirements for shape, size and accuracy, including facial bones. Product production - short cycle Whether it is self-produced or outsourced, the manufacturing and delivery time of traditional medical devices may be long and expensive.Providing fast creation and iterative design is one of the important symbols of 3D printing.The key to the success of any medical device is the feedback from doctors and patients, as well as the speed of these design improvements.It is now possible to iterate over the design of medical tools in a few hours, based on surgeon's direct feedback. Surgeons will use it to print a new evaluation prototype, communicate more effectively with lifelike prototypes, and ultimately shorten the time to market. Medical Cost-Cost Advantage In addition to the ability to customize and create complex components, 3D printing is best suited for small batch production of customized products, which means that the cost is reduced and the efficiency is enhanced. The production of individual components no longer requires expensive processing costs and processes, but also reduces waste and further reduces costs. Multimodal Printing Some 3D technologies can now use different materials in a single printing process, which means that different materials can be used to display different tissues and organs such as skeleton, blood vessel and muscle in the printing process of a single model.This can facilitate communication between doctors and patients during surgery or teaching.

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