Hospital Consumables Management System In order to deepen hospital cost accounting, practise strict economy, increase income and reduce expenditure, ensure efficient, fast and safe development of medical, teaching and scientific research work, and establish and improve a scientific management service system centered on social and economic benefits, the following systems are formulated: 1. Acceptance and acceptance management: 1 Medical consumables and medical supplies used in hospitals (three categories) or imported medical consumables and medical supplies shall have the Registration Certificate of Medical Devices Products promulgated by the State Drug Administration. 2 When accepting medical consumables and medical supplies, the acceptance department must check and accept the following links: checking the inner and outer packaging of each case (package) (1) the products should be intact, (2) the inspection certificate of the products, (3) the packaging label should conform to the national standards, (4) the imported products should be labeled in Chinese. 2. Use management: 1 It is strictly forbidden for departments and departments to use medical consumables without approval in our hospital.At the same time, it is not allowed to introduce the purchase of medical consumables not supplied by our hospital to patients and their families for any reason or name, and the consumables purchased by patients themselves are not allowed to be used in clinical diagnosis and treatment. 2 Medical consumables accompanied by experts from other hospitals invited to carry out new projects need to provide complete certificates, quotations, etc. to be submitted to the pharmacy department for examination, negotiation and approval by the hospital leadership before they can be used. At the same time, the function, quality and price of medical consumables used should be introduced to patients and their families in advance, and the consent and signature of patients or family members should be obtained. 3 All medical consumables and low-value instruments shall not be sent directly to the medical technology and clinical departments by the supplier.For the implantable consumables, the issuance and acceptance should be strictly checked by pharmacy department, operating room and surgeon step by step.Each supplier of implantable consumables must deliver to the material warehouse of pharmacy department in advance. Pharmaceutical Department arranges for people to be sent to the use department. Operating room and intervention Department designate special persons to sign and receive, and make detailed use records, archives and books, so as to achieve the purpose of traceability at any time. 4 Any medical consumables supplied according to the requirements of clinical use should be used unconditionally. If there are quality problems, they should be reported to pharmacy department or relevant functional departments in time and handled according to relevant procedures. 5 Medical consumables that belong to clinical trial and validation should fill in the application in the form of new medical consumables. After examination and approval by pharmacy department, they should be tried out, and a trial report should be written within the prescribed time. Thereafter, the medical consumables which have good curative effect and are necessary for clinic should be treated according to the new medical consumables. 3. Distribution management: 1 The total amount of medical consumables shall be controlled and the medical consumables shall be requisitioned on demand.The maximum usage in the material warehouse of pharmacy department is not more than 15 days, and the maximum usage in the supply room is not more than 7 days, so as to facilitate the accuracy of hospital accounting.Medical, technical and clinical departments carry out a pre-declaration system for materials with large usage in the near future, and explain the reasons.When abnormal usage of all medical materials occurs, the relevant functional departments will carry out follow-up audits. 2 Employees of various departments should receive medical consumables scientifically, implement the management responsibility system, and avoid the backlog, waste and loss of medical materials.The growth rate of the use of medical consumables should be synchronized with the growth rate of business income in the same period. If the reasons for the increase of medical consumables can not be explained clearly, the management respon

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