Hospital Recruitment Examination in 2014 (Information Management) Name: Speciality: Score: 1. Selective Questions (40 Questions, 2 Points for each Question, a total of 80 Points) 1Which of the following is the unique feature of information resources (C). A. Demand B. Scarcity C. Difference D. Selectivity 2Information resources are non-expendable. Once information resources come into being, they can not only meet the needs of human beings at the same time, but also achieve the continuity of time through the preservation, accumulation and transmission of information. What is the characteristic of information (B). A. Sharing B. Cumulative C. Regenerative D. Scarcity 3Which of the following is not the main problem (D) in the construction of health informatization in China at this stage? A. Segmentation of health management system B. The level of health informatization is extremely unbalanced C. Lack of standards D. Lack of attention 4Deepening the reform of medical and health system is the symbol of which stage of health informatization in China (C). A. Phase 1 B. Phase 2 C. Phase 3 D. Phase 4 5Which of the following is not the content of the pilot work of health informatization in 2011 (B). A. Construction of Information Platform for Grass-roots Medical and Health Institutions B. Construction of New Rural Cooperative Medical System C. Construction of Remote Consultation System D. Information Construction of Public Hospital Reform Pilot Cities Contacting with the State 6(B) Information source refers to the collection of a large number of related data organized in accordance with a certain way and structure under the support of certain computer software and hardware technology. It is the basic resource of computer information management in the field of health. A. Literature B. Database C. Organization D. Network 7The method of organizing information according to the importance of information is called (D). A. Probabilistic Organization B. Integrated Organization C. Thematic Organization D. Weight Organization 8The following is (C) which does not belong to the grammatical organization method. A. word order organization B. sequential organization C. classification organization D. code method 9ISBD and DC contain (D) descriptive terms respectively. A.10, 8 B.8, 7 C.15, 8 D.8, 15 10Metadata describing raw data will be organized into (B). A. Original database B. Metadata database C. Index database D. Keyword Library 11The so-called patent specification refers to the technical documents relating to invention (D) submitted by the patent applicant to the patent office. A. Purpose B. Composition C. Effect D. All 12Establishing an automatic library management system requires a series of basic conditions. Generally speaking, it can be summarized as: (D), people and environment. A. Hardware B. Software C. Database D. All 13The key technology of full-text database is (D). A. Database Technology B. Character Recognition Technology C. Character Scanning Technology D. Full-text Retrieval Technology 14In China's urban medical service management information system, which of the following does not belong to the basic function of the customer service management information subsystem (). A. Social Marketing Function B. Customer Acceptance Function C. Service Compensation Function D. Information Management Function 151The most direct requirement for information management of insured persons in medical insurance is which of the following (). A. Storage and processing B. Transmission and sharing C. Health value-added D. Saving health resources 16The following options do not belong to the "six in one community" content (B). A. Prevention B. Home Service C. Medical D. Rehabilitation 17In May 2009, the Ministry of Health issued a total of 32 basic data sets standards for EHR-related health services.According to business areas (themes), it is divided into (A) first-level categories. A.3 B.4 C.5 D.6 18Among the following options, the one that does not belong to demographic information is (C). A. Name B. Gender C. Occupational Category D. Ethnic Group 19Among the following options, there are three main ways to store data that are not commonly used (D). A.DAS B.NAS C.SAN D.CAS 20Which of the following does not belong to the subsystem of maternal and child health information monitoring in China (B). A. Birth Defect System B. Vaccination C. Child Death D. Maternal Death 21The three platforms of the national public health emergency command inform

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