Common interview questions When applying for an interview, you will be asked some specific questions about the job and general questions about the interviewer.We sorted out some common questions that might be asked during the interview and how to answer them. Part I: Questions you may ask during an interview 1Tell me about yourself The interviewer is not looking for your life story.Choose four to five key job-related issues, such as specific skills, qualifications, experience or passion for your field of expertise. You can choose something you are particularly proud of to show your expertise in the job you are interviewing for.Keep your answer for less than two minutes. 2Why are you interested in this job? It shows that you have studied organization, product, service, expansion plan, work culture, etc. Employers try to find out if you will accept the job and if so, whether you will stay any time.If you look uncertain, they'll be happy to hire you. 3Why do we hire you? Always be ready to answer this question.Few candidates do well.Make it clear that you believe you meet all job requirements and support these skills by identifying one or more relevant examples. Finally, you must show that you are proactive and have identified problems or opportunities in the past, and then take the initiative to take decisions and actions that lead to successful outcomes. 4What advantages do you have? Anyone can say they have good experience or are good at communicating, but that won't make you stand out.Let the interviewer know why you are better than other candidates and support each answer with examples from previous jobs. 5Tell me about your proudest achievements It may not be natural to talk about your achievements, but you need to be able to tell a story that begins, ends and ends. You should first describe the challenges you face.The middle part of the story needs to focus on what you have to do to make progress.End what you have achieved and what you have learned, which will help you in the future. 6Describe a problem solving situation You should think of a recent question, similar to the challenges you may face in an interview.First, explain the problem in a few sentences, but provide enough details so that the interviewer can understand the challenges you face. Next, I'll describe the operations you performed and the steps you completed.Know your role in the outcome. If possible, please provide statistics or data on your success, mention the positive feedback you have received, and talk about what you have learned, which will help you apply for a job. 7Describe a team leader In your example, it is important to show that you are a good listener, not too bossy, that you understand the strengths and weaknesses of your team and that you can delegate appropriately. 8Do you have any questions? The last question gives you the opportunity to show real interest and enthusiasm in your work.You should adopt a correct tone and a positive attitude.Make sure you ask them in a natural way, because the interviewer can judge if you are asking questions just for the sake of the question. Part two: Questions to be asked in job interview 1What training opportunities do you offer? This shows that you are eager to improve your skills and add more value to your organization. 2Is there any chance of promotion in the future? This issue underlines the determination to make progress. 3What challenges do I face? This can indicate that you want to know what challenges you will face so that you can prepare for them.4. How does work adapt to organizational structure? With this problem, you show a preference for teamwork.It shows that you want to know where you fit in and how your contribution will affect other parts of the company. 5How to measure and review performance? This shows that you understand the importance of providing tangible results and the value of commitment, reliability and return. 6How will organization? the new department benefit the This shows that you are also interested in work and employers.Obviously, you have done some research and are eager to hear their analysis. 7How do you describe the working culture here? This shows that you want to do your best and need a positive environment.It shows that you are a good selfmanager and know how to make the most of yourself. 8What salary can I expect? If it hasn't been dealt with yet, you can ask what the salary might be.If they can

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