Hope of Chinese Architecture architect and authority on the history of Chinese architecture At the beginning of architecture, there were no definite forms or factions.The so-called buildings of a certain department or school were built first because of the general influence of the human customs, the political situation, the supply of climate and material, and the craftsmen'understanding of mechanics and technology.The personality of a series of buildings is like a personality, which is not formed by the innate transmission of parents and the teaching of friends and teachers at the same time.Chinese architecture, under the overall influence of the Chinese environment, has its own characteristics in each era, but its basic methods and principles have always been consistent.For thousands of years, craftsmen, like medieval craftsmen in Europe, have not been conscious of themselves or their works. 19At the end of the 20th century and the beginning of the 20th century, after Chinese culture was repeatedly humiliated by the strong guns of the West, China suddenly came to the paragraph "Everything in the West is good", and because it had the luxurious and curious games of emperors, such as Lang Shining's building of Western buildings in Yuanmingyuan, as pioneers, so "foreign-style buildings" and "foreign-style doors", such as bamboo shoots after the rain, brewed light and propaganda.Come to the chaos of architecture.During this period, there are a few foreign architects with real or slight architectural training in Hong Kong, Shanghai and Tianjin.Even in many mainland cities, their Greek and Roman Gothic styles have been paradoxically transplanted. At the same time, there are also early foreign students who admire the tall men in western cities and help them transplant this art.This may be said to be the beginning of the rise of Chinese architecture from craftsmen to "scholar-bureaucrats"; but most of these architects who studied abroad despised Chinese architecture at all.Recently, although some people are interested in Chinese architecture, they still adopt a mysterious attitude or vaguely and proudly use abstract words to praise it to outsiders. As for its structural virtues and real artistic success, there is still a lack of understanding.Nowadays, many of the old houses that have been "westernized" everywhere in China have replaced the advantages of the Chinese style by the disadvantages of the Western style, which has become the "low-energy" who has both advantages. These also show their ignorance of Chinese architecture. After the European War, the art tide was surging. Recently, the "international" new buildings popular in Europe and America recognized that machinery and new materials have occupied a major position in our lives.Although the names of these "international" buildings are general, their spiritual concepts are extremely honest.This kind of building has now been spread to China's trading ports, and many architects are copying or imitating that form.But for those who really know about new buildings, they should know the latest modern method of construction, which is different from the traditional method of construction in China, but the basic principle is the same - the first skeleton, the second wall.This is not because they intentionally copied our form, but because of the structure.If we look back at our ancient objects, each part of them is not a frank expression of the internal structure, which is in line with the approach advocated by today's architects.It is indeed an interesting phenomenon in the history of culture that the arts of different cultures in two different eras are harmoniously similar. Our period is the period when Chinese architecture is vigorously revitalized by new science, materials, structure and the emergence of new architects in China.They know their own cultural status; they design their work according to their intentions; they do not drift blindly in the sea like ancient craftsmen; they set their own rudder and set their own goals.I think they are the most promising. (with deletion) 1This paper analyses the reasons for the emergence of the "impotent child" which is short of both.(6 points) 2What is the connotation of "International New Architecture"?(6 points) 3What is the hope of Chinese architecture?Please contact the full text for a brief overview.(6 points) Answer analysis

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