Summer fire safety homework 1. Single-choice questions (1-7 single-choice questions, 8-10 multiple-choice questions, 1 point for each question, a total of 10 points) 1.The initial stage of fire is the stage of fighting fire B. A. Most disadvantageous B. Most advantageous C. More disadvantageous 2.When checking whether gas appliances are leaking, B is usually used to find the leaking point. A. Scratch matches B. Smear soapy water C. Smell 3.Appropriate measures should be taken to extinguish the combustion due to lack or disconnection of oxygen.This method is called A. A. Asphyxiation fire extinguishing method B. Isolation fire extinguishing method C. Cooling method 4.Fire brigade fighting fire C. A. Expenses only for the depletion of fire extinguishers B. Collecting all fees C. No charge 5.When using fire extinguishers to put out fires, fire C should be sprayed. A. Upper B. Middle C. Root 6.When a fire truck performs fire fighting or rescue tasks, social vehicles and pedestrians shall be A. A. Leave aside B. Insert C. Beyond the fire engine 7.In order to ensure a quick escape in case of fire, we should B when entering shopping malls and supermarkets. A. Go to places where there are fewer people. B. Observing the location of safe exit and evacuation passage C. Take deep breaths to prevent hypoxia 8.Which of the following options are fire safety measures ABCD that families should take? A. Equip with necessary fire fighting equipment and master correct use method B. Developing family escape plans C. Drawing a Road Map for Family Evacuation D. Check and eliminate the hidden danger of family fire frequently. 9.The fire alarm telephone in China is B.The telephone number for fire hazard report is C. A.911 B.119 C.96119 D.110 10.The following fire signs and names are correct ABC. 2. Picture Question (10 points) Supermarket is an indispensable shopping place in our daily life. Please find the hidden fire hazards in the picture and give a brief description in words. 3. Practice Question (10 points in this question) Please write down the fire fighting (fire fighting) equipment in the building where you live, write out the name of the equipment, and briefly explain its function and use method. I. Selective Questions 1B 2B 3A 4C 5C 6A 7B 8ABCD 9C 10ABC II. Picture Title 1. 2. 3. 4. No safe escape passage and sign Firehydrant without water Should not return to pick up bags, safety first Quickly leave the fire scene III. Practical Questions Dry powder fire extinguisher Function: Dry powder fire extinguisher is suitable for extinguishing oil, flammable gas, electrical equipment and other initial fires. Usage: When in use, first open the safety pin, hold the nozzle in one hand, pull the pull ring in the other hand, press down the spray at the root of the fire source, and then put out the fire source.In the process of fire extinguishing, it should always be upright and not be used horizontally or upside down.

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