Highway Maintenance Safety Training I. Responsibility for Safety Management of Highway Maintenance Operations (1) General Principles: The management system of "unified management, hierarchical responsibility" shall be implemented for the safety of maintenance operations, and the responsibility system shall be established at all levels, and the principles of "who is in charge, who is in charge" and "safety must be in charge of production" shall be implemented. (2) Responsibility of Highway Maintenance Department 1Maintenance unit (maintenance construction enterprise) is the main body of responsibility for safety production in maintenance operation, and the main person in charge of the unit (construction enterprise) is the first person responsible for safety production. 2Safety management institutions shall be established in accordance with regulations, with full-time or part-time safety management personnel, and safety training and education for maintenance personnel shall be implemented. 3Before carrying out maintenance operations, formulate safety and security schemes and submit them to the relevant departments for approval. (3) Responsibility for the Maintenance of Employees Accept safety technology education and abide by safety technology operation rules. II. Purpose and Significance of Safety Management in Highway Maintenance Operation (1) Purpose 1Protect the safety of road maintenance staff. 2Protect and maintain the safety of mechanical equipment and highway facilities. 3Protect the safety of passing vehicles and pedestrians. (2) Significance 1To ensure the normal development of highway maintenance work. 2To provide a smooth, clean, comfortable, beautiful and safe road traffic environment for the society. 3. Analysis of Safety Accidents in Highway Maintenance Operation (1) Influencing factors 1Road factors: First, the factors affecting traffic safety in the work area, including unclear indication signs in the work area, and construction operations affecting traffic operation.The sign of the working area is not clear. Because the sign of the working area is not clear or missing, the driver travels to the working area without noticing the change of the road, resulting in traffic accidents.The influence of construction operation refers to the random entry and exit of construction personnel and vehicles into the operation area, which affects the normal driving vehicles on the highway and causes accidents.Secondly, the bad road condition and poor traffic conditions lead to vehicle accidents. 2Human factors: First, the driver's operating factors.Including improper overtaking, operation in the speeding working and section, resulting in accidents.Second, the reasons for maintaining employees themselves, insufficient self-protection, causing accidents. 3Vehicle factors: first, accidents caused by past vehicle failures; second, accidents caused by improper operation of maintenance vehicles and mechanical equipment. (2) Potential safety hazards 1Operating environment is dangerous and prone to safety accidents.Operating environment hazards are manifested in dangerous sections, adverse weather, night work and high altitude work. 2The awareness of safety precautions is weak and there are potential safety hazards.Mainly manifested in: maintenance unit leaders do not pay attention to, employees themselves do not pay attention to, vehicle equipment is not safe. 3Maintenance work is not standardized, resulting in safety accidents.The operation is not standardized as follows: the sign setting in the operation area is not standardized, and the operation of machinery and equipment is not standardized. 4Poor highway traffic conditions lead to safety accidents.Poor traffic conditions mainly refer to the failure to treat diseases of highway bridges and culverts in time, the failure to remove obstacles on the road surface, the failure to remove snow and ice on the road surface in time, and the damage of highway signs. 4. Characteristics of Safety Management in Highway Maintenance Operation (1) High-risk: Vehicle driving speed is high, traffic conditions in maintenance work area are complex, and maintenance work environment is dangerous, so safety accidents are very easy to occur.Because of the high speed and impact, once an accident happens, it will cause seri

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