Engineering Name: High Temperature Drying Engineering of Tire Mould Engineering overview: With the continuous increase of car ownership, the consumption of tires on automobiles is also increasing rapidly, and tire manufacturers are also thriving business.The performance of the tire mould directly affects the quality of the tire, so we developed a special baking equipment for the tire mould.That is the box type tire mould high temperature drying unit. The unit adopts programmable controller, which can control the temperature in the box in several sections. For the supplement of fresh air, it can control the automatic fresh air outlet at different temperatures (for example, the exhaust system can be closed in the heating section, the exhaust fan can be turned on in the heat preservation process, and the angle of the angle motor can be adjusted to a smaller level to achieve the purpose of partial dehumidification. At the end of the heat preservation, the angle can be increased.To control cooling.For the rotary table can work regularly and continuously, the speed is 0.5r/min, and the exhaust fan can be manually/automatically controlled: the oven has 6 temperature records, a temperature detection point can clearly record the internal changes of the oven, and has the protection of overtemperature when the temperature is out of control. Technical process (flow chart): Call for details. Advantages: I. Electrical control system:     1Temperature control: Using multi-stage programmed temperature controller with a maximum length of 16 segments, different process curves of oven heating, insulation and cooling can be defined.Automatic operation after power failure has temperature or time priority automatic control.   2Electric heating control: SSR control (solid state relay control) can control the temperature in the oven more accurately.     3Wet exhaust fan: It can operate manually/automatically. It can set the working time of the wet exhaust fan. The time can be adjusted within 99 hours and 59 minutes.     4In the oven: with a 6-point temperature paper recorder to record the actual temperature in the oven in real time for data analysis.     5Japanese PLC is used as the main controller of the oven: the turntable can be operated continuously, the timing control of the dehumidifier: the angle controller of the rotary motor. 2. Safety devices: It has leakage protector. (2) Current over-current protector. Motor overcurrent protector. (4) Overtemperature and overtime protector. 3. Mechanical structure:    1The main engine adopts frame structure, high-quality channel steel and angle steel are made into structural parts, high-quality insulation materials, high-temperature stainless steel plate is used in the inner wall, and carbon steel plate is used in the outer wall.   2High quality and large air flow fan with cooling is adopted to ensure longterm operation at high temperature.It is suggested that imported Japanese fans be used.     3Special air distribution system, up and down adjustable air distribution mechanism.     4The transmission structure adopts high-quality high-temperature bearing, high-quality reducer and motor.     5Special high temperature resistant rubber sealing strip ensures the sealing between the box body and the door.

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