Only by adhering to (), can we ensure the scientificity of national security decision-making and transform national security decision-making into the practical strength of the people.Correct answer: C A All the people are soldiers. B Mass Struggle C Mass Line D People's Defense Line My answer: C2 should strictly abide by organizational discipline and procedures when dealing with issues related to national security.Correct answer: C A Recording beforehand and reporting afterwards B Pre­analysis and post­request C. Request beforehand and report afterwards D Pre­analysis and post­report My answer: C3 insists on the Party's () role in national security work. Party committees at all levels should play a leading role in the security work of their respective regions and departments.Correct answer: A A Absolute Leadership B Unified Leadership C. High Leadership D Overall Leadership My answer: The national security strategy in the new era of A4 places external security on the same footing as ().Correct answer: D A Political Security B Economic Security C Social Security D Internal Security My answer: C5 national interests reflect the needs of the country as a whole, and therefore often have () characteristics.Correct answer: D A Inviolability B Unique C. Negotiable D is supreme My answer: D6 strengthens the education and training of the whole society's network security awareness is an important measure to build a strong network country, is to maintain the order of network space and ensure network security.Correct answer: C A fundamental B decisiveness C Fundamentality D validity My answer: A7 Central National Security Leading Body implements and coordinates efficient national security system and working mechanism.Correct answer: A A Unification and Integration B Highly Concentrated C Vertical Leadership D centralization and unification My answer: A8 () is the main force to implement various tasks of national security.Correct answer: A A cadre team B government C Public Security Organs D Security Agency My answer: A9 countries give commendation and reward for their outstanding contribution to the maintenance of national security.The correct answer: D A group B individual C organization D Individuals and Organizations My answer: The following statement of D10 is incorrect () The correct answer is: D. A The National Security Law stresses that no individual or organization shall commit acts  endangering national security and shall not provide any financial assistance or  assistance to individuals or organizations endangering national security. Article 55 of the Constitution stipulates that it is the sacred duty of every citizen to defend  the motherland and resist aggression. C The National Security Law clearly stipulates that citizens and organizations should fulfil their obligations to safeguard national security. D The Constitution does not stipulate the legal obligation to safeguard national security. My answer: D11, in accordance with the provisions of the National Security Law, () in accordance with the Constitution and the law, formulates administrative regulations concerning national security, stipulates relevant administrative measures, and issues relevant decisions and orders.Correct answer: C A National People's Congress Party B Central Committee C State Council D National Security Department My answer: The C12 national interest concerns the survival of the nation and the rise and fall of the country, reflecting the overwhelming majority of the people.Correct answer: A A Common Needs B Basic needs C Common aspirations D Basic wishes My answer: C13 () is the only way for a country to prosper and develop.Correct answer: C A reform B open C development D cooperation My answer: No individual or organization shall commit any act endangering national security or provide any () to any person or organization endangering national security.Correct answer: A A Funding or Assistance B funding C Convenience Conditions D assistance My answer: To achieve security in A15 is to ensure that people all over the world are free from war, poverty and displacement, and that all countries recognized by the international community enjoy independent security status.Correct answer: D A comprehensive B world C absolute D universal My answer: B16 () is responsible for the decision-making and deliberation coordination of national security work, studying, formulating and guiding the implementation of national security strateg

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