Health Education System for Inpatients 1. After hospitalize hospitalization, and first-visit nurses place patients warmly. should They should introduce patients or family members to the hospital within 4 hours, including ward environment, diseaserelated knowledge, living and rest system, diet, safety and other related matters. The language is easy to understand and the attitude is approachable. 2. According to the specific conditions of each patient's disease, health education plans on disease treatment, diet, medication, nursing, functional exercise and matters needing attention were formulated, implemented in stages, and the awareness level and selfmanagement status of patients were assessed in time. 3. Combining with the characteristics of disease types and seasonal changes, health knowledge popularization and safety precaution education for patients, family members and escorts in the ward can be carried out, and related contents can also be disseminated by the workrest symposium. 4. Each ward has a health education brochure with concise language and easy to understand, and a pamphlet for patients to read by themselves. 5. There are exhibition boards in each ward to popularize the health knowledge of specialist diseases. The exhibition boards are eye-catching and full of pictures and texts. 6. Before discharging, the responsible nurses must give good health guidance before discharging, such as the importance of drug treatment after discharging, the curative effect, dosage, side effects, diet, daily life, rehabilitation and so on. 7. Head nurses and nursing departments regularly evaluate and investigate the implementation of health education for patients, and timely feedback to ensure that the coverage and awareness of health education meet the quality standards of hospitals.

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