Notice on launching the "Safety Production Month" of the whole company in 2019 The centers and units of the company: The Office of the Security Committee of the State Council initiated the 18th National Safety Production Month with the Notice of the National "Safety Production Month" and "Safety Production Wanli Travel" in 2019 (Office of the Security Committee No. 10, 2019).In order to respond positively to the "Notice" issued by the Office of the Security Committee of the State Council, strengthen the safety production awareness of the whole staff, effectively guard against safety risks, the evolution of potential safety hazards, effectively curb safety production accidents, lay down and strengthen the safety production line, and take advantage of the "Safety Production Month" to promote the steady improvement of the safety production situation in the production and operation units of Guizhou Feishang Energy Co., Ltd., after research, the present situation is stable.Notification of relevant matters is as follows: I. Guiding Ideas Guided by Xi Jinping's socialist ideology with Chinese characteristics in the new era and the "Opinions of the State Council of the Central Committee of the CPC on the Reform and Development of the Leadership Area of Safety Production", we should thoroughly study and publicize the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping's important exposition on safety production, implement the major decision-making arrangements of the Party Central Committee, the State Council, provinces, prefectures, cities and counties on safety production, and firmly establish the concept of safetyWith the goal of preventing and resolving major risks, eliminating potential safety hazards in time and effectively curbing production safety accidents, we should enhance the awareness of safety production of all staff, enhance the safety quality of employees, promote strict safety management of grass-roots units of energy companies, implement safety production responsibilities, and highlight key issues such as rectification, typical publicity, hidden danger exposure and network publicity, knowledge popularization, rewarding reporting, etc.To carry out publicity and education activities with both momentum and effectiveness to promote the standardization level of safety production and the momentum of safety production to continue to improve. II. Theme and timing of the event: (1) Activity theme: Preventing risks, eliminating hidden dangers and preventing accidents. (2) Activity time: 2019June 1-30, 2001 III. Working objectives: Through the activity of "Safety Production Month", we should strengthen the awareness of risk prevention, enhance the ability of identifying and eliminating potential safety hazards, improve the standard level of safety production and curb production safety accidents. During the month of safe production, major non-personal accidents shall be eliminated, serious injuries and above shall be eliminated in coal mines, and industrial accidents shall be eliminated in ground production units. 4. Organizational leadership: Establishment of the Leading Group for the "Safety Production Month" in 2019: Team Leader: Du Xiangquan, Vice-Team Leader: Yang Guohua, Hu Lubao, Tan Wenlong, Liao Diansheng, Jia Zhigang, Wang Tao, Wang Weidong, Zhu Yinqiu and Zhu Jian Members: Mining directors, Qin Lu, Zhang Falin, Zhang Guangming, Wanjianfei, Zhang Songfeng, Chen Linsheng, Chen Qinghe, Ren Feng, Liang Mingyong, Lu Jiaming, Dong Rongbin, Zhu Genming, Zhou Chao, Ouyang Maosheng and Yan Faping are the leaders of the safety month activities. The office is located in the company's safety supervision department, and Dong Rongbin is also the director. The members are the company's safety supervision department and the company's safety supervision department.Engineers from other departments.The office is responsible for the specific arrangement "Safety Production of the Month" company's activities and the collection and collation of information.V. Activity plan and content (1) Each unit shall set up a leading group of activities accordingly, determine its own objectives of activities according to the requirements of company documents, and hold a mobilization meeting for the activities of "Safety Month" of the unit (before June 1).2. Every unit should carry out the campaign of "eliminating hidden dangers" with the participation of all employees. I

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