College Students'New Term Plan This semester is an important beginning and another turning point in my life.Before I could understand her, I had to greet her with a new attitude and make her the cornerstone of my continuous progress. After studying last semester, I found many problems.The details are as follows: (1) Not finding the right direction for learning, and not having a thorough investigation and evaluation of the situation of the school; (2) Individual learning methods are not formed, they are in a random state, and both in and out of class are a model. There are problems of learning but not understanding. (3) Blind self-confidence, self-compromise, ignoring the serious teaching problems in schools, and failing to take strong self-protection measures; (4) The frequent use of mobile Internet has affected the normal rest, destroyed the daily work and rest structure, and caused great negative effects on learning. (5) Personal hobbies occupy most of the thinking activities, which greatly slows down the learning process and makes the interest in professional learning fluctuate. There are still many problems that can not be listed one by one. Only five of them are selected as references. I hope that we can avoid such prominent problems in our study and life in the future. Now it seems that last semester's schooling was a very serious mistake, which frustrated my original intention to rise from the technology industry.Of course, in the face of mistakes, ah can not always be immersed in the gloom of the past, a new situation, we need to open with happy hands.Although this mistake has brought me a lot of economic difficulties, it has not completely suppressed my motivation to study upwards, on the contrary, it has contributed to my overall review and Reflection on the status quo.A mistake leads to a reminder. This mistake reminds me to always remember to study, to strengthen observation and reflection everywhere, to grasp the objective reality comprehensively, to understand the internal and external links of things strangerly, to standardize the order of study and life in a planned and targeted way, so as to study and innovate with more confidence. These are my original intentions for the new semester plan.In order to put forward my goal for the new semester more clearly, I will explain it in several aspects. The plan is as follows: First, study.It is in line with my early wishes to re-select the major of the school. The main problem is whether the school is in line with the norms of Vocational education.The basic principles of school selection are as follows: first, it depends on the school's educational history and characteristics; second, it depends on the public's evaluation of the school; third, it needs to understand the evaluation of the old students in school; fourth, it depends on the influence of the school in society (fame); fifth, it needs to examine the school's teaching situation and the campus environment (accommodation, place of activity, classroom, training venue, etc.); sixth, it needs to understand the evaluation of the old students in school.Ask about the school's enrollment requirements. These are my six basic principles for studying.After enrollment, the next step is to carry out learning. Second, learning.When it comes to learning, it is unavoidable to associate it with the classroom. This is a one-sided view.For an excellent student, learning means many aspects of development.That is to say, learning is not only learning the theory of books, but also learning to be a person and to do things.It is difficult to absorb and master the knowledge in books, but the host of this interest - we are all influenced by interest without exception.Here, I have an experience, that is, to have a heart of knowledge, love and treasure for everything, to explore them diligently, to start from observation, to deepen understanding in the inquiries with all parties, to draw clear conclusions through thinking, to comprehensively understand the significance of the existence of various things around, and to face everything without criticism, which is very helpful for learning the profession itself and for people.The improvement of learning ability has a strong role in promoting.Some people say that learning does not depend on the venue, the old, the young, the sick and the disabled, the humble, the poor and the rich, the national boundaries and races. That is to say, the nature

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