Guidelines and Procedures for Acceptance and Acceptance of Highway Works Acceptance and acceptance of project delivery is an important link in engineering construction. It is to check the implementation of construction contract, evaluate the quality of project, and make a preliminary evaluation of the participating units.The acceptance and acceptance of highway engineering handover is organized by the project owner. In order to better complete the acceptance and acceptance of highway engineering handover, the relevant matters and procedures are informed as follows: I. Requirements for Highway Engineering Projects to Accept and Accept Works (1) Identification and reporting of inspection units for engineering handover 1.In about one year of roadbed construction, the testing unit for construction and delivery of subgrade, pavement, bridge and tunnel houses is determined by bidding. Otherwise, many testing projects can not be carried out and can not be remedied afterwards. Special attention should be paid to the load test of bridges, and the acceptance and acceptance of housing construction, especially for gas station buildings, should be done well in advance. The testing unit for mechanical and electrical transportation should be determined by bidding one year in advance. 2.In the contract of delivery inspection, it is clear that the test results must be reported to the owner first, and the owner can report to the quality supervision station after confirmation. Therefore, the owner should fix a special person to take charge of the delivery inspection.To communicate with the District Quality Supervision Station and determine the testing unit, it is necessary to report to the District Quality Supervision Station for the record.In order to start the work as soon as possible. (2) Improvement of engineering field work 1.Complete the work of the main body of the project (roadbed, pavement, bridge and tunnel, traffic safety, electromechanical, housing construction, greening, etc.), and perfect the field as far as possible. Especially, the problems raised in the inspection and testing process of district quality supervision stations must be rectified and corrected, and written feedback materials are required. 2.Pay attention to road appearance, such as roadbed slope greening, slope protection appearance, landslide removal, hard shoulder repair and greening, side ditch and drainage ditch cleaning, roadbed and pavement defect repair, marking signs, etc., to achieve neatness and beauty. 3.Construction units, supervision units and test and inspection organizations complete the field inspection work of quality selfinspection, supervision and inspection of Engineering projects. Frequencies meet the requirements, rectify existing problems and deal with feedback. (3) Completeness of domestic data 1.The construction entity shall provide the completion schedule of the contract project, the completion data, the selfinspection and evaluation data of the project quality, the construction summary report and the application for acceptance and acceptance of the project. 2.The supervision unit shall assess the quality of each contract section, review the application for acceptance and acceptance of construction work submitted by the construction unit and report on supervision work. 3.Design units submit design work reports. 4.The quality inspection data completed by the quality supervision organ or the quality inspection organ entrusted by the owner, the inspection evaluation opinions, the rectification of the re-examination results and opinions, and the formation of the inspection report. 5.The project owner summarizes the capital construction procedures, publishes the project management execution report, and makes a preliminary evaluation of the design, construction and supervision units. 6.The inspection opinions of the District Quality Supervision Station (communicate well with the relevant personnel of the quality supervision station in advance, strive for better conclusions), contact the supervisory engineer in charge to get the first draft.The Quality Inspection Report is issued by the Autonomous Region Traffic Quality Supervision and Administration Station. 7.Summarize and bind the summary report of each unit, the evaluation of the owner to the participating units and the primary evaluation data of the owner to the quality of the project (a list of the project quality scores in the contract section o

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