4Grape management technology in greenhouse by June I. Around Flowering Period 01Temperature and humidity control During flowering period, the temperature in greenhouse should be controlled at 15-28 C. When the temperature in greenhouse is above 30 C, the skylight should be opened in time to ventilate and cool down. Before the cold wave comes, the skirt film should be put in the greenhouse to keep warm and freeze-proof. In order to ensure normal pollination and fertilization, it is necessary to warm and prevent freezing in case of extreme low temperature. The air humidity in the greenhouse should be controlled at 50%-60% during the flowering period. When the humidity in the greenhouse is too high and fogging, timely ventilation and dehumidification should be carried out to prevent the occurrence of rotten flowers and aggravating diseases caused by high temperature and humidity in the greenhouse. 02Management of branches and tendrils The whole garden should be picked 3 to 5 days before flowering or when first flowering.Generally, 5-7 leaves are left before the spike to pick the heart, while 10-13 leaves are left to pick the heart, and 2-4 leaves are picked from the top and 2-3 leaves are picked from the top of the secondary shoot after the single leaf is destroyed, while 12 leaves from the top and 3-4 leaves are picked from the top of the secondary shoot, and 10-13 leaves are picked from the developing branch and 2-3 leaves from the upper secondary shoot are picked repeatedly. 03Fertilizer and water management Fruit fertilizer was applied about 10 days before flowering, mainly nitrogen fertilizer, with appropriate increase of phosphorus fertilizer, 50 grams of nitrogen fertilizer per plant + 200 grams of phosphorus fertilizer could be applied, orchards with vigorous growth, sufficient pre-bud fertilizer and basic fertilizer could not be applied, and nitrogen fertilizer should not be applied before Jufeng flowering again; borax solution of 1 200 times or 0.1%-0.3% of Cuikangjin borax solution should be sprayed at flowering stage to supplement borax fertilizer, and 0.1%-0.2% of borax solution should be sprayed early after flowering and fruit setting.Zinc sulfate 3 times can promote flowers and prevent large and small grains. Irrigate the flower-promoting water once 10 days before flowering according to the situation. Keep the soil moisture 60%-65% during flowering period. Excessive water during flowering period will cause a large number of flowers and fruits falling. Unless the soil is too dry, it is not suitable to water during flowering period. 04Management of flower and fruit One week before flowering, the shoulder panicles and the first and second panicles should be thinned, the large panicles should be pinched 1/3 to 1/2 of the panicles, and the spike tips should be pinched 1/5 to 1/4 to make the panicle shape neat and beautiful. Generally, Eurasian species are conical and European-American hybrids with cylindrical shape. At the same time, according to the ratio of vine to fruit, the panicle size and yield, the weak branches should not leave spikes, the middle branches should keep one spike, and the strong branches should keep two spikes, yielding 1500 kg grapes per mu.The orchard can select 2000-2500 ears according to the size of ears. In the early stage of physiological fruit drop (about 1 week after flower drop), each ear was shaken to make the corolla and unfertilized and poorly developed grains fall off, so as to avoid the infection of fungi. The ears of Chaotian ear, the ears clamped between branches, petioles and iron filaments all went down to the shelf and made them droop naturally.In order to prevent poor pollination and fertilization, it is necessary to preserve fruits during flowering season if the climate is harsh. 10 *10-6 gibberellin plus (0.5-1)*10-6 CPPU can be used to spray inflorescence within 5 days from flowering season to flowering season in order to improve fruit setting rate. 05Pest control Pesticides are not commonly used in flowering stage, such as rotten inflorescence, spraying inflorescence with 250 times of 25% Fumei double wettable powder and 3000 times of 50% Imidazole emulsifiable oil. Gray mould and downy mildew were found to infect inflorescence, spraying inflorescence with 1000 times of 40% Pyrimidine wettable powder and 2000 times of 50% Enylmorpholine wettable powder. It can be prevented by 1500 times of 75% Thiophanate-methyl wettable powder or 1000 times of 40% py

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