Classical Teaching Plan of Chinese Traditional Studies Guidance:This classical teaching plan of Chinese literature is for reference only. If you can help, you are welcome to comment and share it. (1) Guiding Ideas: According to the characteristics of students'age and on the basis of the school's guiding plan, through carrying out classical reading activities, carrying forward the excellent traditional culture of the motherland, strengthening the edification of excellent culture, improving students' cultural and moral qualities, and improving allowing children to read widely from an early age, increasing their linguistic and cultural students'comprehensive knowledge quality of language and humanities.Accomplishment: enable students to inherit the spirit and culture of the Chinese nation, carry forward the traditional virtues of China, subtly form good moral ideas, and gradually improve their personality, promote the sustainable development of students, and cultivate healthy adults of students.2. Teaching objectives: 1. Through the development of classical poetry reading activities, provide some guidance for students to be human and strengthen ideological and moral education for students.2. Setting up reading activities of classical poems and students'comprehensive prose quality of to improve Chinese and humanistic accomplishment.3. Open up the potential of children, especially the huge memory and creativity of the right brain and subconscious; develop the wisdom of students, so that the potential of literacy, reading, memory, observation, thinking, judgment, imagination, decision-making, creation, physical ability, inspiration and other aspects can be more scientific and efficient development and cultivation.4. To cultivate students'perseverance and perseverance through daily reading activities.Third, the basic principles of activities: face up to the classics, do not seek to understand, in a variety of forms, water to the canal.4. Overall goals and specific objectives: 1. Overall goals: By organizing pupils to recite and memorize classical poems and essays, they can acquire the edification and cultivation of Chinese culture at the best time of their life's memory.2. Specific objectives: 1. To cultivate pupils'attention and memory.(2) Create a strong reading atmosphere, improve students'language level, and cultivate students' good language literacy.(3) To cultivate pupils'interest in reading and increase their literacy in history, geography, astronomy, mathematics, common sense, literature and art.(4) Through daily reading activities, we can cultivate students'perseverance and perseverance.Fifth, the content of classical poetry reading: besides the poetry that must be read in the elementary school stage when reading the appendix of the Chinese Curriculum Standard, there are also some classical poetry such as The Three-Character Classic, Thousand-Character Text, Disciple Regulation, Lao Tzu, The Analects of Confucius and Mencius.6. Course opening time: Wednesday, 7 a.m. a week. Course opening principles: 1. Not to understand, as long as you can learn by heart.2. Don't be demanding. Encourage more.Do not use the same standard to require all students, as long as more than half of the students can read correctly and fluently, they can proceed to the next article.3. Don't go through a storm of cold, but persevere.4. Don't be rigid, pay attention to interest.Use various methods to arouse students'interest in learning.6. Guarantee measures: 1. Use various forms to stimulate students'interest and enthusiasm in reading.2. Conduct reading contests regularly and give rewards to students so that they can experience and harvest happiness.3. Use blackboard newspaper, handwritten newspaper and other media to display classical sentences and create an atmosphere for reading, so that students can enter the classics, immerse in the excellent traditional Chinese culture and cultivate their sentiments.4. Establish a classical reading evaluation card.Form an evaluation system to make classical reading lasting and effective.5. Hold a recitation competition regularly, and select "recitation king", "recitation expert" or "recitation star" to stimulate students'enthusiasm for recitation.6. Elastic evaluation.Flexible evaluation: according to the needs of students and s

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