Chalk Paper Defense PPT Click on Enter Subtitle Catalog Section01. Basis for setting up a topic Section 02. Significance and Value Section 03. Project programme Section 04. Goal results Section 05. References Section01. Basis for setting up a topic 01. Basis for setting up a topic I participated in the design, construction, operation and maintenance of XXX Administration Weak Electricity Project. The local area network of the project covers an area of about 1 square kilometer, connecting five office areas and nearly 5000 information points. The network integrates office, business, video surveillance, voice broadcasting, perimeter protection, access control system, fire control system, building control, computer room environment monitoring and so on. Based on the "XXX Administration Weak Electricity Project Program", this paper focuses on the integration and application of enterprise LAN and Internet of Things (Weak Electricity System). 01 Comprehensive Brand Education 02 Chain of professional educational institutions and chain of brand educational projects 03 Trend of M&A of Financing Institutions 01. Competitive Analysis of English Training Market in Primary and Secondary Schools At present, the total market value of English training market in China has reached 15 billion yuan, and it is expected to reach 30 billion yuan by 2010. It can be seen that this will be an industry with rapid development and huge business opportunities. English training has entered the era of branding, and the market will face a cruel reshuffle. Every educational institution has its own characteristics. 02. Competitive Analysis of Extracurricular Guidance Market Nowadays, the market of extra-curricular learning guidance for primary and secondary school students is warming up day by day, which is closely related to the huge demand of family for educational resources. In China, after-school counseling institutions have begun to take shape in terms of types and numbers. The biggest competition in the market of extra-curricular tutoring is the competition of Teachers English training field vocational education Local brands need to work together Careful analysis of market segments Formation of Branding Pattern Entering International Market Development Competition trend Extracurricular Guidance Market in Primary and Secondary Merger and Acquisition Integration in Early Education Schools Market The pattern in the field of preschool education is the most decentralized. Make up for 70% of the deficiency of school education market analysis The growth rate of training market in construction industry far exceeds the average level capital, get the Be favored by venture Most of them are small and scattered. More than 100,000 Market Structure of Various Subjects of Running Schools Development status highest amount of investment Market potential is huge and growing Private educational enterprises with flexible system gradually occupy thecompetition, main marketmarket Increased share further concentrated in large brand training institutions Diversified and simple project-oriented development to professional subdivision and comprehensive development Transition from regional type to chain type, gradually forming scale type development The Development of Single Direct Operation and Project Cooperation to the Mixed Type of "Direct Operation + Franchise" Development Model and Trend Analysis BeijingNew New Oriental Oriental Educational Technology (Group) Co., Ltd. is a large educational technology group which integrates educational training, research and development of educational products and services. At present, China's leading personalized education and training field, ten brands of education and training institutions, American listed companies, headquartered in Beijing, XueDa Education Group One of the largest foreign language training chains in China and listed in the United States, a wellknown chain training institution in China, Beijing Universal World Education Technology Co., Ltd. China's first truly national education service brand oriented by the two key needs of further education and employment, American listed company, Amber Education Group Learning and wellThinking One of the most Education known primary and secondary education and training institutions in China, the leading brand of primary and secondary education and training, American listed company, Xue Ersi International Education Group New Yo

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