Exercise "Cartoon Teacher" Data bag As a unique art category, cartoon has been praised as "the ninth art" by Western art critics.Cartoons often use exaggeration, metaphor, symbolism and other means to satirize, criticize or eulogize certain people and things, with a strong social nature.Cartoons are the art of laughter.However, if we only interpret cartoons as the art of laughter, it is obviously onesided and superficial.In fact, the art of laughter has covered all forms of beauty.Some people have compared cartoons to a collection of paintings, philosophy and literature. It has both painting characteristics and philosophical and literary ideas. It learns truth from laughter and is inspired by laughter. Situational lead-in Do you like reading cartoons?The characters in the cartoon are very prominent, with unique painting style and exaggerated plot, which makes people feel lovely and interesting. Comics in life: Cartoon Teacher If you were to talk about cartoons to a teacher, who would you choose? Is it a Chinese teacher who always wears skirts and talks like a firecracker? Cartoon Teacher If you were to talk about cartoons to a teacher, who would you choose? Is it a math teacher who laughs all day and walks like a gust of wind? Cartoon Teacher If you were to talk about cartoons to a teacher, who would you choose? Or in the teaching of "strange tricks" repeated, after-school and classmates in one of the physical education teachers? Exercise request 1. Choose representative and vivid illustrations.There are many cases reflecting a person. To write a person through one or two things, we should choose the most representative vivid cases to write.  2. Write out the development process of the event, so that the image of the characters is gradually complete.  3. Make things specific.To narrate a person with a typical case, we should write the case concretely, so that the image of the character can be full.  4. Detailed description is to describe the appearance, language, action and expression of the characters. Example display Teacher Naughty Boy He is tall and likes to wear sportswear. He looks very energetic. I really can't see that he is the father of a five-year-old child.His oval face is always wearing a confident smile. He likes to say, "Let me conquer you with personality charm!"As he said, his classroom seems to have magic, which attracts us deeply.Who is he?Yes, he is our chemistry teacher, Miss Li, a "naughty boy" teacher. In class, Miss Li is often as cute as a "naughty boy". For example, in class, when a classmate carelessly distracted or distracted, he can always quickly find you, but he will leave you face, do not name your name and suddenly ask a question without reason: "Ouch!Where are you talking about?As he talked, he scratched his head with his hands, showing a confused face.At this time, the students will be happy to laugh, one after another enthusiastic reminder of the teacher, and the poor students also recovered their minds and began to listen carefully to the class.Seeing that everyone's attention returned to the classroom, Mr. Li's face showed a sly smile. Sometimes, Miss Li likes to "pick and choose" with us.The students put forward their own questions and tried every means to beat him.Some students can always come up with some strange questions, which often make us all laugh.Then the teacher showed a thoughtful look and frowned. After a while, he suddenly said, "You have the potential to be a scientist!"We knew that the teacher had lost the battle, and they all cried out "oh" with joy.The teacher showed a helpless expression and caused a burst of laughter.In the process of "singling out" with teachers, we have developed the habit of thinking positively and daring to ask questions. More and more questions have been asked, which is becoming more and more difficult. Don't think that this "naughty boy" teacher's humour and wit is "bullying". In fact, he is too strict for us to fear.He always corrects our homework carefully. Sometimes he writes a topic analysis beside some topics, so that we can miss it once and make no mistakes next time.If you don't do your homework carefully, he will call you into the office, criticize you seriously and ask you to do it again.But if something goes wrong with your homework, instead of scolding you, he carefully guides you and helps you solve your problems. Primary school will soon be over, and when you look back in the future, you will surely

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