Top Secret Before the End of the Examination Introduction to Economic Law (Finance) of National Higher Education Self-taught Examination in October 2013 Course code: 00043 Please write down the answers to all the questions on the answer sheet with your pen as required. Selective Question Section Matters needing attention: 1Before answering questions, candidates must fill in their exam course name, name and admission card number in the position prescribed on the answer sheet with a signature pen or pen in black handwriting. 2After choosing the answer for each question, use 2B pencil to mark the answer of the corresponding question on the answer sheet black.If you need to change it, erase it with an eraser and select it again. Mark other answers.Can't answer on the test paper. 1. Single-choice questions (20 sub-questions, 1 sub-question, 20 sub-questions) Only one of the four options listed in each sub-question meets the requirements of the title. Please select it and blacken the corresponding code of the "Answer Paper".Wrong There is no mark in coating, multi-coating or non-coating. 1According to the water law, the following water resources are collectively owned by (C) 12-266 A. Water in rivers B. Water in lakes C. Water in a village pond D. Groundwater 2According to the provisions of the Grassland Law, the right to use collectively owned grasslands is (B) 12-265. A. Confirmation by the township people's government B. Confirmation by the county people's government C. Confirmation by the municipal people's government D. Confirmation by the provincial people's government 3According to the Partnership Law, the following statements are correct (A) 1-63 A. Legal persons may become partners B. All partners assume unlimited joint and several liabilities C. All partners are not allowed to invest in labor services. D. All partners have equal rights in the execution of partnership affairs 4On June 1, 2010, American Company A and Chinese Company B signed the contract and articles of Association for the establishment of Sino-foreign cooperative ventures; on August 20, the same year, the Ministry of Commerce approved its establishment; on September 15, the same year, the business license was issued; and on October 1, the same year, the opening ceremony was held. The establishment date of the company is 2010 (C) 1-70 A. June 1 B. August 20 C. September 15 D. October 1 5A has signed a bicycle sale contract with C in the name of B without the consent of B.The sale contract is (C) 4-114. A. Effective Contract B. Invalid Contract C. Contract with undetermined validity D. Unformed contract 6The following contracts are non-remunerated contracts (C)4-125 A. Sales contract B. Lease contract C. Gift contract D. Transport contract 7. A and B invest in the establishment of C Limited Liability Company with registered capital of 100,000 yuan, which is agreed to be paid out within two years.The statutory minimum amount of the first total contribution of A and B is (C) 2-81 A.10,000 yuan B.20,000 yuan C.3,000 yuan D.4,000 yuan 8A applies to the State Intellectual Property Office for a patent for invention and receives a decision to reject the application.From the date of receipt of the notification of the decision to reject the application, the time limit for review of the application is (C) 5-137 A.1 month B.2 months C.3 months D.4 months 9After company A is declared bankrupt by the people's court, company B will retrieve one of the equipment leased to company A through the administrator. The rights exercised by Company B are (D) 3-105 A. Rental right B. Exemption right C. Recovery right D. Recovery right 10The following statements are in line with the provisions of the Bankruptcy Law of Chinese Enterprises (C)3-103 A. The creditor's conciliation agreement shall be agreed by more than half of the creditors present at the meeting. B. The creditor shall agree to the settlement agreement by the creditor representing more than two-thirds of the amount of the creditor's claim. C. The settlement agreement adopted by the creditors shall be approved by the ruling of the people's court. D. Application for reconciliation shall be jointly filed with the people's court by creditors and debtors 11According to the provisions of China's anti-monopoly law, the following statements about concentration declaration of operators are correct (C) 6-160 A. Post-declaration of concentration of operators B

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