Good afternoon, everybody. Today, we met again in the Wechat course. There were feedback from the owner and the store manager. Now many managers in the stores are working from the most basic level employees. They are very competent and have no ambiguity in skills and skills. But once they are in the management position, they are not doing as well as before. The managers can't manage well and do things better than before.Well, then, why does this happen?Here we will talk about the reasons for this situation - from the role of employees to the role of management change. So, let's talk about what roles are. First of all, we need to know who we are.You can think about what roles we play in our lives and what roles we play in our work.In life, for parents, we are children, for neighbors, for children, for parents, for families, we are pillars, and so on. Your roles are different. You have different perspectives, ways of speaking, tone of voice and responsibilities. Similarly, your roles in the work are also varied. You are a superior, a subordinate and an apprentice.It's a teacher and so on. Then let's think about it carefully. What are you like in life and what are you like in work? Can you bring it to work with your attitude in life?Likewise, can you bring your attitude at work into your life?Therefore, different roles have different demands on people. Only when you understand yourself first, can you know what you should do. What did you look like yesterday?Yesterday, I, we are childish, ignorant, full of fantasies about the future, we are proactive, we are ready to go, we are always ready... So what do you look like today?Today, after my education in the Social University, we have changed. Some people have become hypocritical and cater to the slippery needs, but most of them still maintain their own yesterday, positive, active, sincere and enthusiastic. Don't forget yesterday's you, your positive, your initiative, your sincerity, your fantasy, don't forget your first heart, you must always be. So where should we change? First, words and deeds.Your words and deeds must be generous and appropriate, positive, and your every move will affect the underlying employees.Your value judgment, way of thinking and way of behavior are all the objects that employees imitate. To convince employees, they must be cautious about their words and deeds, words and deeds, actions, orders and bans, so that employees can surround you with a sense of belonging and willingly accept your leadership. Second, passive and active.On the one hand, it refers to the change from passive execution to active management in management posts. On the other hand, it refers to the change from passive management to active management. Passive management simply means that problems arise, and there is no pre-arrangement and prediction, and there are no preventive measures and standards after the occurrence of events, which will lead to errors recurring and initiative.Management, focusing on the prevention of the problem in the early stage, takes the initiative to consider the consequences of the early measures of this matter, so as to take effective measures to avoid the occurrence of similar times, form standards, and have forward-looking thinking. Third, responsibility.As employees and management, their focus of responsibility is different, as employees only need to operate according to process standards, but as a leader, your sense of responsibility lies in the whole store, not limited to a certain position or someone.First of all, we should have a global view. Every item of the store's hygiene, service, environment, vulnerability, workflow and other settings and checks need to be printed in your mind.Next is patience. Employees need hands-on teaching, and emotions with employees need to be accumulated day by day. Inspection requires you to bend down and personally lead the demonstration. Management is the process of giving and taking. It takes time and energy to invest.Finally, the execution force, responsible and no action force is zero, all take the result to speak.Stores are like a family. You are the head of the family. How much you have paid for the family, what you have done for each family, and where are your responsibilities?Some shopkeepers are the first to walk after work and the last to arrive at work. So, where is the responsibility of the shopkeeper? Fourth, appearance and instrument.In ancient warfare, sol

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