The First Lesson of Traffic Safety Opening in 2018 Every year, traffic accidents occur because people do not obey traffic rules, and most traffic accidents are crossing the road without looking at traffic lights, hurdles and so on.We should abide by traffic rules, stop at red lights, go at Green lights, and do not jump hurdles. We should pay attention to the road condition when we do not play on the road at ordinary times, so as to reduce the occurrence of traffic accidents.Now let's take a look at the first lesson of traffic safety in 2018. Welcome to read for reference.On this day, according to the task assigned by the teacher, I watched TV "The First Lesson of Traffic Safety for Primary and Secondary School Students in 2018".After I read it.Benefits are enormous, and know how to deal with emergencies.I got up early so that I could see the program. At 8:05 I sat in front of the TV on time and turned on TVS2."Safety Education Course" is mainly divided into four major accidents summary, but the most unforgettable is the first earthquake accident.After reading it, I realized that in case of an earthquake, first of all, it is not good to panic, we should calmly handle and deal with it.At the same time, we also know: when encountering earthquakes, we should squat down as far as possible, protect our heads with our hands, and when we run away, we should not be greedy for property. We should run away in an orderly way and not be crowded.Secondly, fire accidents, but when we encounter fire, we should cover our nose with wet towels and escape quickly.If there is a fire on your body, you must not be afraid. You should roll on the spot and put out the fire.If you're stuck in a room, water should be applied to the door to cool down.Then go to the window to shout for help, those conspicuous things waving, attract the attention of passers-by, facilitate others to help in time.Looking at the above two major accidents, I understand that no matter what happens, the first thing is not to be nervous, we should calmly deal with them. We should learn to apply the safety knowledge we have learned before, and learn to use the tools around us to save ourselves, or use it to attract other people's attention.It is others who can timely inform and rescue, take the safe exit when fleeing, not greedy for property, but also quickly and orderly escape to a safe place. At the same time, I also feel that: life is precious, so we should better cherish and protect it! __________With the increasing development of economy, the scene of endless traffic on the road can be seen everywhere.However, due to some people's weak awareness of traffic safety, there are irreversible tragedies on the busy road.When you see each living life disappear under the wheel, when you find a burst of laughter and laughter buried in the sharp whistle sound, when you face those shocking scenes, can you not feel distressed?Road traffic safety accidents are still the number one killer in all kinds of accidents.An important reason for the tragedy is that we lack the knowledge of traffic safety and selfprotection.Recently, the school organized and watched a "Traffic Safety Education Film", which warned us to cherish life and abide by traffic rules through vivid examples.It's chilling to recall the horrible scenes in the film.Drivers overload, undocumented, speeding, drunk, fatigue driving and other illegal operations, people riding bicycles on the road show, a group of children playing in the middle of the road...One camera after another made me pinch a cold sweat.Nowadays, according to statistics, 770,000 people die from traffic accidents every year, that is to say, people leave every five minutes.The deaths of primary and secondary school students also reached 330,000.What an amazing number! So many people are leaving all the time.Tragic cases of blind traffic codes among primary and secondary school students often occur around us.A middle school student was riding a bicycle "galloping" on the way to school when the red light came on, which did not exist in his eyes.He speeded across the road, posed constantly on the car, and sometimes rode with both hands off the front of the bike.At this time, a large truck was coming in front of us. Because the speed of the truck was too fast to brake, the student's doctor hit the truck head-on.A car that had just come up from behind crashed into a truck, causing a tragic situation of three

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