When I first came to the company, I was very worried about how to do a good job and how to coexist with people. But the company's relaxed and harmonious working atmosphere and United and upward corporate culture made me quickly complete the role change.Through studying and working in Jiangsu Branch, under the patience guidance of leaders and colleagues, I adapted to the company's working environment in a relatively short period of time, but also familiar with the whole operation process of the company.Actively learn professional knowledge and skills, and pay attention to their own development and progress.In the work of this department, I have been strict with myself, earnestly and timely to do every task assigned by the leadership, and take the initiative to share the worries for the leadership. Professional and non-professional problems do not understand to learn from colleagues modestly, and constantly enrich myself, hoping to take the lead as soon as possible and make greater contributions to the company.Of course, when I first came to a strange environment, it was inevitable that some minor mistakes should be corrected by the leaders; but the lessons from the past and the teachers from the latter also made me mature constantly, and I considered all kinds of problems more comprehensively, so as to prevent the occurrence of similar mistakes.Here, I would like to thank the leaders and colleagues of the Department for their guidance and help, and for their reminders and corrections of the mistakes in my work.After three months, I have been able to independently conduct on-site survey and design of buildings, arrange the entrance time of main materials, cooperate with the construction team leader to discharge materials, and supervise the construction team leader to complete the work strictly in accordance with the quality and quantity of construction design.Of course, I still have many shortcomings, the experience of dealing with engineering problems needs to be improved, the ability of teamwork needs to be further enhanced, and we need to continue learning to improve our working ability.Seeing the rapid development of the company, I am deeply proud and proud of it. I am more eager to work here as a fulltime employee to achieve my goals, reflect my life value and grow with the company.I hereby apply for a change of position, and urge the leaders to give me the chance to continue to exercise myself and realize my ideal.I will do my job well with modesty and full enthusiasm, create value for the company and look forward to a bright future with the company. This salute applicant: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxday [2] Respectful leader: My name is **, I entered the company on * January * day, in accordance with the needs of the company, I currently hold the position of ************ responsible for ************ work.I work conscientiously, carefully and have a strong sense of responsibility and enterprising, diligent, very enthusiastic work; open- minded, willing to communicate with others, with good and skilled communication skills, a strong team cooperation ability; a strong sense of responsibility, really completed the work of leadership delivery, and the company colleagues can work together, get along well and harmoniously, cooperate with each other.Departmental leaders have successfully completed various tasks, actively learn new knowledge and skills, and pay attention to their own development and progress.I have been engaged in *********** work since * year * month, so I can say that I am familiar with the company's work in this position, and I am familiar with the company and the basic situation of related work in a very short period of time, and immediately enter the work.In the work of this department, I worked diligently and gained the recognition of the leaders and colleagues of this department.Of course, there are also some minor mistakes and problems in my work. The department leaders also pointed out to me in time to promote the maturity of my work.If the first few days are just from the introduction of the company, the understanding of the company is only skin, then over time, I also have a deeper understanding of the company.The company's relaxed and harmonious working atmosphere, unity and upward corporate culture, let me quickly into the role of the work.It's like a new car running in. A good driver can shorten th

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