Formlabs, a manufacturer of 3D printers, summarizes common troubleshooting methods for 3D printers Can not print solid objects: typed model solid and hollow and print software is not related, is based on their own drawings are solid to hit out is solid, painted is hollow to hit out is hollow. The nozzle is blocked and can't produce wire: See if it is caused by improper spacing between the printing nozzle and the base plate.First dredge the nozzle.At the same time, check whether the gear of the extruder motor and the motor shaft follow.If the motor gears are powdered, clean them up.Check whether the sprinkler spacing is too small, and re-calibrate the platform. At the same time, we can consider raising the printing temperature by 5-10 degrees.It is important to note that after the sprinkler is dredged, the platform must be calibrated again. At the end of printing, there are sintering and wire drawing phenomena at the top of the model: setting the parameters of printing, reducing the temperature of the sprinkler by 5-10 degrees, adjusting the speed of the sprinkler to 80 trials, and changing the speed of non-filament to 100. The sprinkler does not spin, press the wire down by hand before spinning: first, remove the wire, heat the sprinkler to 230 degrees and clean the sprinkler. When the temperature of the sprinkler reaches 230, the residue will flow out automatically. Then check whether the gear of the motor is worn due to the long-term use of the gear. If the gear is worn, consider replacing the gear of the motor. After the nozzle enters the wire, it emits a sudden noise: because the wire is not inserted properly, it makes a sudden noise. Put the wire out, check whether there is broken wire in the gear of the motor, clean it up and reentry. X-axis misalignment occurs in half of printing: the misalignment of printing model, one is the problem of motor wire or belt.Secondly, the signal of motor wire or switch line is disturbed. It is suggested to print several different models to see if it is not possible to replace the new ones. Generally, it is suggested to check whether the plug and belt of motor wire are loose first, and print the model after checking. If it is still not possible, we can consider replacing the new ones.On-line, it may be affected by abnormal communication, such as sudden interruption of communication. In the printing process, the display screen of the machine appears disorderly code, or flower screen, no content display: operation panel button failure, first restart the printer (pull out the power cord, then connect, then boot), a few seconds later, you should hear the boot bell of 5-6 seconds, if you hear the bell, indicating that the machine can start normally, then try to operate the button.If you can't hear the bell, it means that the machine doesn't start properly, then you can try to press the black small circle reset key on the right side of the printer, and the system RESET.

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