Full text of food safety management system First,Health Management System and Training Management System for Employees Health Management System for Employees 1Food producers must undergo health checks every year and may not overuse health certificates.2. New practitioners, interns and interns must obtain health certificates before they take up their posts, and prevent the occurrence of physical examination after taking up their posts, and carry out relevant training at the same time.3. Food hygiene managers are responsible for organizing health checks of employees in their units, establishing health records of employees, urging "five diseases" personnel to leave their posts, and conducting daily supervision and management of their health status.4. Those who suffer from diarrhea, typhoid fever, viral hepatitis and other digestive tract infectious diseases and other diseases that hinder food hygiene shall not participate in the production and management of direct imported food. 5. When the following symptoms are observed, it shall be stipulated to suspend the work of direct imported food or take special protective measures: diarrhea, hand injury, scald, skin eczema, boils, sore throat and throat.Ears, eyes, nasal discharge, fever and vomiting.6. Food practitioners should adhere to the Four Diligences.Wash your hands, cut your nails, bathe regularly, cut your hair, wash clothes regularly, change your bedclothes regularly.It is forbidden to have long hair, long beard, long fingernails, hand ornaments, nail polish, no clean work clothes and posts, smoking and snack food during the period of going to work, and doing nothing related to food production, processing and operation.7. Conduct a comprehensive assessment of morality, competence, diligence and discipline for food practitioners, and give praise or reward to those who have excellence: criticize and educate those who have failed in the comprehensive assessment to make corrections; persuade those who have not made corrections to leave their posts or provide for the termination of their labor contracts according to law.8. Health records of employees should be established.Regular food safety and health management training for employees, and do a good job of training records. Training Management System for Employees 1Food production, management and catering personnel must receive training in food safety laws and regulations and food safety knowledge and pass the examination before they can engage in catering services. 2Work out training plan conscientiously, organize regular training of food safety knowledge, professional ethics and legal education and food processing operation skills for managers and practitioners under the guidance of food and drug supervision and administration department. 3The training of catering and food service personnel includes the person in charge, food safety management personnel and food practitioners. The initial training time is not less than one year, respectively.20,50,15Class hour. 4New employees, including interns and interns, must undergo training and pass examinations before they can take up their posts. 5The training method combines centralized teaching with self-study, and regular assessment. Those who are not qualified leave the post for one week to study, and then go to work after passing the exam. 6Establish training archives of food safety knowledge for employees, and file training time, training content and assessment results for inspection. Two.Food Safety Administrator System According to the provisions of the Food Safety Law, we should do a good job in the inspection of food management and engage in food production and operation activities according to law.1. Responsible for food hygiene supervision and inspection in food purchasing, transportation, storage, processing and marketing, supervise and complete food certification, purchase inspection, accounting records and written records; 2. Health examination of employees, supervision and inspection of licensed employees; 3. Environmental hygiene, personal hygiene, food tools and equipment, food containers and packaging materials, hygiene.Supervision and inspection of facilities, technological process and catering service process; 4. Supervision and inspection of the purchase of detergents, disinfectants, pesticides, rodenticides, storage, storage, labeling, record and use; 5. Supervision and inspection of the cleaning, disinfection and cleaning of tableware, drinking uten

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