2019 Fire safety training Fire safety training Basic Knowledge/Common Fire Fighting Equipment/Escape Method/Emergency Plan Fire Safety Training: Foundation of Combustion Fire safety training The occurrence and development of combustion must have three necessary conditions: Combustibles, combustion aids (oxidizers), ignition sources.(Oxygen dioxide, potassium chlorate KCIO 3, potassium nitrate KNO3, etc.) Fire source: open fire; arc, electric spark; lightning stroke; high temperature, natural fire. Flame Electric fire Lightning stroke Natural phosphorus @ Copyright 2018 Fire safety training: fire basic knowledge Fire safety training The basic definition of fire: fire refers to the disastrous combustion phenomenon which is out of control in time and space. According to the nature of the burning object, fires are divided into six categories: A, B, C, D, E and F. Category A Fire: Solid Material Fire.Class B fire: liquid or melting solid fire.Class C fire: gas fire. Class D fire: metal fire.Class E fire: live fire.Class F fire: cooking fire in cooking utensils. Wood and cotton Gasoline and Diesel Natural gas Potassium metal Cookery Wires and cables @ Copyright 2018 Fire safety training: fire grade Fire safety training According to the degree of disaster losses caused by fire accidents, fires can be divided into four categories: especially major fires, major fires, larger fires and general fires. Grade. 1. Particularly serious fires: fires that cause more than 30 deaths, or more than 100 serious injuries, or more than 100 million direct property losses Disaster. 2. Major fires: fires that cause death of more than 10 people and under 30 people, serious injury of more than 50 people and under 100 people, or direct property loss of more than 50 million yuan and less than 100 million yuan. 3. Bigger fires: fires that cause the death of more than three people and less than 10 people, or serious injuries of more than 10 people and less than 50 people, or direct property losses of more than 10 million yuan and less than 50 million yuan. 4. General fire: refers to a fire that causes death of less than three people, serious injury of less than 10 people, or direct property loss of less than 10 million yuan. Note: The above includes the present number, but the following excludes the present number. @ Copyright 2018 Fire Safety Training: Principle and Method of Fire Extinguishing Fire safety training Basic principles and methods of fire extinguishing: cooling method, isolation method, asphyxiation method, chemical suppression method (common dry powder and halogenated alkanes) Controlling the ignition point and ignition point of combustibles Separation of combustibles from combustion aids Reduction of combustion aids in the three elements of combustibility Utilizing the Properties of Material Oral Techniques: Yuchu's New Records Suddenly a man shouted, "Fire!"The husband shouted and the woman shouted.They both cried together.Hundreds of people shouted, hundreds of children cried and hundreds of dogs barked.In the middle, the sound of collapse, the sound of fire, the sound of wind, and the sound of hundreds of thousands of calls for help, the sound of Xu Xu, snatching, splashing water.Everything you should have is omnipresent.Although a man has a hundred hands and a hundred fingers, he cannot point to one end; he has a hundred mouths and a hundred tongues, so he cannot name one place.So the guests left the table unchanged, stretched out their arms, two battles, almost ready to go first. Suddenly a man called out loudly, "Fire is on". The husband got up and shouted loudly. The woman also got up and shouted loudly.The two children began to cry together.In a moment, hundreds of people shouted, hundreds of children cried and hundreds of dogs barked.In the middle, there was the sound of falling houses, the sound of bursting fire, the sound of shouting wind, the sound of thousands of voices, the sound of hundreds of people calling for help, the sound of people pulling down burning houses, the sound of rescuing things, the sound of splashing water. @ Copyright 2017 Fire safety training: basic knowledge of explosion Fire safety training There are different classifications of explosion. According to the causes and properties of explosion, explosion is usually divided into physical explosion, chemical explosion and nuclear explosion. Explosion. Physical explosion Chemical explosion nuclear explosion Article

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