Dongda Homework Answer Network College of Continuing Education, Northeast University           Comparing Political System Test Paper (On-line Assignment Examination) Volume B Learning Center: School Number: Name: (6 pages) Total Dividing Number 123 34 Score 1. Selective Questions (1 point for each question, totaling 10 points) 1.The time when the Great Charter was enacted in Britain was () A.1215 June June 1512 C.1125 June June D.1521 2. For property rights, the following understandings are: (1) A. All property belongs to the state B. Private property is something in the capitalist world C. People who own private property are capitalists D. The sanctity of private property 3. The rules of procedure of Parliament do not include: (1) A. Principle of quorum B. Principle of Openness of Meetings C. Principle of Procedural Legitimacy Principle 4. Candidates'qualifications do not include: (1) A. Nationality qualifications. B. Age qualification. C. Residence qualification. D. Gender qualifications 5. For the current description of the world's two-party system, the following is true: () A. The bipartisan system originated in the United States B. Britain has a bipartisan parliamentary cabinet system. C. The United States has a bipartisan system under the parliamentary system. D. Political parties in Western democracies can only assume power by electing a majority of seats in Parliament. 6. The British Cabinet does not include: (1) A. queen Prime Minister B. C. Minister of the Interior D. justice 7. The main contents of political participation do not include: (1) A. voting rights B. recall right C. comment right D. initiative 8.The time for the establishment of women's right to vote nationwide in the United States is: (1) A.1787 B.1870 C.1920 D.1930 9.Taking the Class Attribute of Political Parties as the Standard () A. Proletarian and bourgeois parties B. The ruling party and the opposition party C. Opposition and Participation Parties D. Left-wing politics and right-wing political parties 10. The following is not the British House of Commons, three bureaus and one pavilion. A. Parliamentary Affairs Authority B. Bureau of Discussions and Elections C. Parliamentary Security Bureau D. Library (6 questions, 5 points for each question, 30 points in total)   1. Western political system                  2. Principle of decentralization and checks and balances                  3. Impeachment power               4. Democracy prescribes power                  5. Proportional representation system     6. Two-party system three, () (5 questions, 8 points for each question, a total of 40 points) 1.What is the role of studying comparative political systems?What is the purpose? 2. What are the contents of constitutional principles?3. What rights guarantees do members enjoy? 4What are the principles of the electoral system in Western countries? 5. What are the characteristics of the two-party system under the US presidential system? Fourth, is it necessary for the Queen to exist in Britain?Please explain the reasons.

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