Fire prevention and management in fire control room 1Building Fire Protection Design of Fire Control Room Fire automatic alarm system and fire extinguishing system with fire fighting linkage function or fire automatic alarm system with fire fighting linkage function and mechanical smoke prevention (exhaust) facilities shall be provided with fire control rooms and shall comply with the following provisions: (1) The fire-resistant grade of the fire control room built separately shall not be lower than that of the second class. (2) The fire control room attached to the building should be located near the outer wall on the first floor of the building, or on the underground floor of the building. However, the fire-resistant partition wall with a fire-resistant limit of not less than 2.00h and the floor with a fire- resistant limit of not less than 1.50h should be used to separate the fire control room from other parts, and the safety exit through the outside should be set up. (3) Fire-proof valves shall be installed at the wall of the air supply and return pipes in the fire control room. (4) Electrical lines and pipes unrelated to fire fighting facilities are strictly prohibited in fire control rooms. (5) It should not be located near the equipment room where the electromagnetic interference is strong and other equipment may affect the work of fire control equipment. 2Fire Control Room Management and Emergency Procedure (1) The management of fire control room shall meet the following requirements: 1) The 24-hour duty system should be implemented, with no fewer than 2 people on duty. The staff on duty should hold the professional qualification certificate for the operation of fire control room. 2) The automatic fire alarm system, fire extinguishing system and other linkage control equipment should be kept in normal working state, and the automatic state should not be set in manual state. 3) It is necessary to ensure that high-level fire water tanks, fire pools, pneumatic water tanks and other fire storage facilities have adequate water supply, to ensure that the valves of fire pump outlet pipes and automatic sprinkler fire extinguishing system pipes are open regularly, and to ensure that the starting switches of fire pump, smoke exhaust fan, fire roll curtain and other fire- fighting electrical equipment are in automatic position (electrified state). (2) The emergency procedures for fire control room on duty should meet the following requirements 1) After receiving the fire alarm, the on-duty personnel should confirm it as soon as possible. 2) After the fire is confirmed, the on-duty personnel immediately turn the fire alarm linkage control switch into the automatic state (except in the automatic state), and dial "119" alarm at the same time. 3) Duty personnel should also immediately start the internal emergency evacuation and fire extinguishing plans, and report to the head of the unit at the same time. 3Requirements for Equipment Layout of Fire Control Room (1) The operating distance in front of the panel of fire control indoor equipment should not be less than 1.5 m in single row arrangement and less than 2 m in double row arrangement. (2) On the side where the duty personnel often work, the distance from the facing plate to the wall should not be less than 3m. (3) The maintenance distance behind the facing plate should not be less than 1 m. (4) When the arrangement length of the facial disks of the equipment is longer than 4m, the channels with a width of not less than 1m should be set at both ends. (5) Fire-fighting equipment should be centralized in the fire-fighting control room which is used in conjunction with other weak current systems in the building, and there should be a clear interval between the fire-fighting equipment and other equipment.

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