Fire Inspection and Inspection 1. Fire-fighting patrol: Key units of fire- fighting safety shall fighting patrol in Regulations on conduct daily accordance fire- with Fire-fighting the Safety Management of Organs, Groups, Enterprises and Institutions, and determine the personnel, content, location and frequency of the patrol. The contents of the patrol shall include: (1) Are there any irregularities in the use of fire and electricity? (2) Whether the safe exit and evacuation passage are unobstructed, whether the safety evacuation indication signs and emergency lighting are intact or not (3) Are fire facilities, equipment and fire safety signs in place and complete? (4) Whether the normally closed fire door is closed or not, and whether the goods are stacked under the fire roll curtain will affect its use. (5) Fire inspectors in key positions of fire safety and other fire safety situations shall promptly correct violations and properly handle fire hazards, and report immediately if they are unable to deal with fire hazards on the spot.Early immediately fire and should put out be in alarmed time.Fire inspection shall fill in inspection records, and inspectors and their supervisors shall sign them. 2. Fire Inspection: (1) Rectification of hidden fire hazards and implementation of preventive measures (2) Safe indication evacuation sign, passage, emergency evacuation lighting and safety exit (3) Fire lanes and water sources (4) Configuration and effectiveness of fire extinguishing equipment (5) Are there any irregularities in the use of fire and electricity? (6) Mastery of fire knowledge by key workers and other employees (7) Management of key parts of fire safety (8) Implementation of fire and explosion prevention measures for inflammable and explosive dangerous goods and places and fire safety of other important materials (9) Record of fire fighting (control room) on duty and operation of facilities (10) Fire inspection (11) Whether the fire safety signs are in good condition, valid and other contents that need to be inspected shall be filled in the inspection records.The inspector and the person in charge of the inspected department shall sign the inspection record and the enterprise shall also inspect and maintain the sound and effective condition of the building fire fighting facilities and fire extinguishers, and regularly inspect and test them.

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