Fire Fighting Facilities for a Class of High-rise Building [1] outdoor hydrant [2] Indoor fire hydrant: Fire hydrant should be installed in the front room of fire elevator room, and a pressure display device should be installed on the roof of high-rise building. [3] Automatic Sprinkler Fire Extinguishing System 1) The fire danger grade of underground garage and shopping malls from the first floor to the fifth floor above ground is grade I I, and that of other places in the building is grade I. Therefore, the design flow rate of system according the automatic should to be grade sprinkler determined II of the intermediate danger level, and the sprinkler intensity should not be less than 8L/(min), and the action area should not be less than 160. The flow coefficient K = 80 is chosen as the nozzle, operating than the and the temperature maximum is nominal higher ambient temperature of 30 C, i.e. the red nozzle at 68 C, and the green nozzle at 93 C is selected in the kitchen area. Each wet alarm valve should not control more than 800 sprinklers.The building area of the project is 67137.48. According to the regulations, there is a spray in the middle dangerous class II. The maximum protective area of the head is 11.5_. Preliminary calculation shows that the building needs at least 5839 sprinklers and at least 8 wet alarm valves. [4] Automatic fire alarm system 1) In addition to the kitchen, boiler room, generator room and other places where smoke detectors are not suitable for installation, point- type temperature-sensitive fire detectors are suitable for garages, shopping malls, conditioning restaurants, rooms, air- evacuation corridors and entertainment places. However, if there are special places such as large space, special consideration should be given to point-type smoke fire detectors. [6] smoke control and exhaust prevention: Smoke system 1. Smoke prevention installed in smoke-proof facilities a class should of staircases be high-rise and their front rooms, fire elevator rooms or shared front rooms. Smoke prevention facilities adopt mechanical pressurized air supply and smoke prevention mode. Full pressure of mechanical pressurized air supply residual fan should pressure also have besides calculating the most disadvantageous ring pipe pressure head loss. The remaining pressure values should meet 40-50 Pa in smoke prevention staircase, 25-30 Pa in front room, common front room and fire elevator inquiry room. The stairwell should be equipped with a pressurized air outlet every two to three floors, and the pressurized air outlet of the front room should be equipped with each floor.Mechanical pressurized air supply fan can adopt axial flow fan or medium and low pressure centrifugal fan. 2. Exhaust smoke: the evacuation corridor with a length of more than 20 m in the high-rise building; the ground room with a floor area larger than 100_and often stayed by people; the ground room with a floor area larger than 300_and more combustibles; the atrium; the first, second and third floors above the ground, and the building area of the room larger than 100_and located in the atrium Four or ground, more floors underground above or the semi- underground entertainment venues for singing and dancing; total floor area greater than 200_or the building area of a room larger than 200_ Smoke exhaust facilities should be installed in basement or semi- basement and windowless rooms in buildings with 50_and frequent stays or more combustibles. Mechanical smoke exhaust system is used in smoke exhaust facilities. When the air volume of smoke exhaust fan bears a smoke exhaust zone or a room with a clearance height greater than 6m, the area of smoke exhaust zone should be no less than 60m per square metre. Full pressure of exhaust fan should be calculated according to the most disadvantageous exhaust system, ring and coefficient should account in be pipe air leakage taken exhaust of into smoke volume.Centrifugal fan or axial flow fan can be used for smoke exhaust fan.Each smoke control zone should have smoke exhaust outlet, which should be located on the roof or on the wall horizontal smoke near the distance exhaust roof; between outlet and the the the fart

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