Fire drill program 1. The purpose of the drill: In order to let all positions and front-line personnel of the project department have a thorough understanding of fire emergency knowledge, establish fire awareness, truly grasp the overall operation process of emergency rescue and rescue at the scene of fire accidents, and have the ability of self-rescue, mutual rescue and emergency response, so as to guide employees to evacuate safely and quickly in an organized, orderly and rapid manner, and learn how to do so.Correct use of fire extinguishers and mastery of escape methods. 2. Matters to be prepared in advance: 1Technical group: formulate fire drill program, and train and study all the staff of the project department. 2Rescue group: prepare medicine, gauze, brine, tape and other medical supplies. 3Logistics group: prepare 5 liters of fuel, enough wood or other burners, 2 fire extinguishers, fire buckets, fire sand, fire axes, 2 ignition handles, 5 towels, 1 whistle, 1 water belt, 1 gun head. 4Publicity group: 1 banner, take photos on site. 3. Time and place: Time: January 20, 2018, 14:30-15:30 p.m. Location: Phase IV of Liuan Jincheng IV. Exercise Contents: (1) Correct use of fire extinguishers; (2) The ability of all managers to put out fires in the early stage of the fire; (3) Safe evacuation in case of fire on site; stage Hypothetica l scenario Exercise subjects Emergency measure The alarm group calls "119" to report the fire to the fire brigade and requests fire fighting. Report the manager. Call police; Call the police Fire caused by improper welding operation fire to the project the The guide group arrives at the nearest intersection to meet the fire "Fire vehicle. Start Safety Emergency Plan on Construction Site" The headquarters deployed issued orders to the fire medical emergency team of project department, requiring teams to be in place quickly make preparations. and and the the and After knowing the fire situation, the electrician immediately cut off the total power supply at the construction site. Fire escape and selfhelp and mutual rescue The leader of the project department directs the staff to evacuate from the building through broadcasting. The fire spread and spread, Fire escape trapping and its skills some builders. Fire emergency drill route is from each floor to the first floor outdoor: All staff and workers will call the roll, count the number of teams and teams, and report to the project department leaders in time. The vigilance team maintains order and the ambulance team makes preparations. Fire fightin g Fires of different properties, Extinguishin such as g initial fires paint and wood, occurred. Fire extinguishing group demonstrates fire extinguishing with different methods: Use dry powder fire extinguisher to extinguish chemical, oil and flammable gas fires. Extinguish wood fires with water. 5. Organizational leadership: Group leader: Yu Mingfu Vice Group Leaders: Xu Wei and Wu Nong Members: Yin Jian, Yang Wenwu, Huang Shiquan, Tu Kai, Zhou Xueming, Lin Wei, Luo Diyuan, Wei Huaqing, Daiyun, Huangzhou, Tu Changgui 6. On-site organization of drills: Chief Field Commander: Yu Mingfu Liaison Group: Wu Nong and Zhou Xueming are responsible for on-site dispatching, alarming and guiding fire departments to enter the scene, and cooperate with fire departments to coordinate the work of various groups. Emergency group: Xu Wei and Tu Kai are in charge of the initial fire fighting work on the spot and control the spread of the fire.Cooperate with fire department to extinguish fire on site. Evacuation group: Luo Diyuan, Wei Huaqing, Daiyun, Huangzhou and Tuchanggui are responsible for the emergency evacuation of construction site personnel, ensuring the smooth passage of safe evacuation, and ensuring the evacuation of personnel to designated safe areas. Rescue team: Yang Wenwu and Huang Shiquan are responsible for the rescue of the "injured" and cooperate with the fire brigade to rescue the trapped or send them to the hospital in time. Logistics Team: Yin Jian and Li Xiaohong are responsible for the supply of fire fighting materials and equipment, and the filming of on-site image data. Security Team: Liang Yishan and other security personnel are responsible for the warning tasks near the fire site to ensure the smooth access to the fire site. 7. Evacuation drill steps: (1) All team members are ready at 14:29. Contact group, emergency group, evacua

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