Financial reimbursement system and reimbursement process Part I General Provisions Article 1 In order to strengthen the internal management of the company, standardize the financial reimbursement behavior of the company, advocate all business-oriented guiding ideology, and reasonably control expenditure, this system has been formulated. Article 2 This system divides financial reimbursement into daily office expenses, salary benefits and related expenses, material purchase payment methods, projectrelated expenditure and special expenditure according to the relevant financial and economic system and the actual situation of the company. The following are the detailed financial reimbursement process of system and reimbursement-related reimbursement borrowing and expenditure. Article 3 This system applies to all employees of the company. Part Two: Regulations of Borrowing Management and Borrowing Procedure Article 1 Regulations on Loan Management (1) Borrowing on business trips: Depending on the approved "Application Form for Business Travel", the traveler shall borrow according to the approved amount and return the business trip to the office within seven working days for reimbursement and repayment. (2) For other temporary loans, such as business expenses, temporary emergencies, etc., borrowers shall borrow according to the approved amount on the basis of copies of the "Signature" after examination and approval. At the same time, the agent shall report the accounts in time. In principle, cross-month borrowing shall not be allowed except for working capital. (3) The amount of each loan exceeding 3000 yuan shall be notified to the Finance Department two days in advance. (4) Provisions on loan cancellation: (1) When the loan is cancelled, the legal bills obtained and the approved "Signature" shall be taken as the basis, and the original "Signature" shall be re-signed and approved if the reimbursement exceeds the scope of the "Signature", otherwise the financial personnel shall have the right to refuse to cancel the account; (2) The borrower shall, in principle, complete the formalities for the cancellation of the account within seven working days. (5) In principle, the borrower who has not repaid the loan shall not borrow again, and the borrower who has not repaid the loan after the time limit shall turn to the individual borrower and be deducted from his wages. Article 2 Borrowing Process (1) The borrower shall fill in the Loan Form in accordance with the regulations, specifying the borrower, the cause of the loan, the amount of the loan and the date of repayment (the case must be identical, and no alteration shall be allowed), and fill in the form of payment: cheque, remittance or cash. (2) Examination and approval process: signature by hand examination and signature by Department head/manager financial review examination and approval by general manager. (3) Financial Payment: Loans are processed at the cashier's Office of the Finance Department by means of the approved loan slip, and they need to be signed for collection. Part III Daily expenses reimbursement system and process Article 1 Daily expenses mainly include travel expenses, telephone expenses, transportation expenses, office expenses, low-value consumables, business hospitality expenses, training expenses and information expenses. Article 2 Provisions on Expense Reimbursement (1) The reimburser must obtain the corresponding legitimate and authentic bills. (2) Pay attention to filling out reimbursement forms: fill in corresponding documents according to the nature of the expenses; fill in the items strictly according to the requirements of the documents carefully, indicating the number of attachments; the amount of money should be in exactly the same case (not altered); and outline the contents or causes of the expenses. (3) To apply for approval in accordance with the prescribed procedures for examination and approval. (4) For reimbursement of more than 3,000 yuan, the Finance Department shall be notified two days in advance for the purpose of reserving funds. Article 3 The process of reimbursement of expenses: the reimburser collates the reimbursement documents and fills in the corresponding reimbursement forms the application forms or the warehouse entry and exit forms which should be attached after approval the examination and signature of the department head the review and approval of the financial depar

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