Financial Management System of Limited Company —————— Limited Financial management system In order to standardize the company's financial behavior, give full play to the role of Finance in the company's operation and management and improve economic efficiency, facilitate the effective supervision of financial departments by various departments and employees of the company, at the same time further strengthen and improve the company's financial management, safeguard the legitimate rights of the company and its employees, and combine with the specific situation of the company.This system is specially formulated. Chapter I General Provisions The Ministry of Finance of a company shall strictly implement the provisions of the Accounting Law of the People's Republic of China, the Regulations on the Functions and Powers of Accountants, the Rules for the Work of Accountants and other laws and regulations on general principles of accounting, accounting vouchers and books, internal auditing and property checking, cost checking, etc. The method of accounting shall be debit-credit accounting, and the principle of accounting shall be accrual basis.Renminbi is the standard currency for bookkeeping. Second, accountants should conscientiously implement the post responsibility system, and each department should carry out its own responsibilities, cooperate with each other, truthfully reflect and strictly supervise various economic activities.Accounting, accounting and reporting must be complete, true in content, accurate in figures, clear in accounts, day-to-day and month-to-month closure, and timely reporting. Third, accountants must strive for stability, not arbitrary transfer, in order to facilitate the continuity of accounting. 4. Accountants must go through the formalities of handover with their successors when they are transferred or resigned for some reason.If not, they are not allowed to leave the post. The contents of the transfer include accounting vouchers, accounts, statements, funds, special financial stamps and related seals, physical objects and pending matters handed over by the transferor.The transfer must be supervised by the chief accountant. Fifth, accountants must adhere to principles in handling accounting matters.Do everything by rule.For violations of financial discipline and financial system, resolutely resist, refuse to implement, and timely report to the general manager. Chapter II Cash Management 1. In accordance with the actual needs of the company, the reasonable inventory limit of cash shall be checked and deposited in the bank in time if the excess is exceeded. Otherwise, the loss caused by the company shall be compensated by itself, except in special cases. 2. Cashiers must ensure the safety and integrity of cash.It is strictly forbidden to enter the Treasury with white bars and arbitrarily misappropriate cash. 3. The cashier is responsible for the registration of cash journals and bank deposit journals, checking income, expenditure and balance in time to ensure that the accounts are in accordance with the facts and that the accounts are settled on a daily basis and on a monthly basis. 4. All cash receipts and payments of a company must have legitimate original vouchers and be signed by the leaders of relevant departments and general managers before they can be recorded in the accounts, otherwise they will not be reimbursed. 5. Business trips, purchases of goods and loans must be approved by the General Manager before they can be borrowed. Loans should be settled within seven days without default. Otherwise, the cashier has the right to refuse, except in special cases. 6. No one may borrow public funds except on business or without the approval of the General Manager. 7. Financial managers and accountants should conduct regular or irregular checks on cash in stock to ensure the safety and integrity of cash. 8. According to the actual situation of the company, the cashier should timely and accurately grasp the balance of the bank card and the amount and date of overdraft return, timely return, to avoid unnecessary losses. 3 Chapter III Management of Bank Deposits First, bank account is the most important channel for the company to receive and pay funds. It is necessary to strengthen the confidentiality of bank account and other accounts. It is not allowed to leak out unless it is necessary for business. 2. The seal of bank account shall be made both in charge and in use, and s

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