June 15, 2020 Hello families! Summer is here and it’s time to enjoy the warm weather! Getting out with your children safely to explore math in the outdoors can be fun! Indoors or outdoors, math practice helps them get ready for their new school year. The elementary math coaches have created Summer Math Calendars for students to complete at home during July and August. Participation is voluntary. The goal is for students to spend at least 10 minutes a day, 3 to 5 days a week completing their choice of the short activities that are listed on the calendars. Please help them keep their work neat and organized. It can be recorded in a physical notebook, folder or binder and submitted to their new teacher when school resumes. It can also be submitted in one digital fle to the math coaches through email when all of the work is completed. (See below for email addresses.) Be sure to have your child’s FIRST and LAST name and the grade that they are entering visible on the cover of their paper or digital fle. Students who return Summer Math notebooks or folders to their new teachers or the math coaches will receive recognition and an award from the math department if they turn in completed work for at least 24 days. These calendars will be available all summer on their current teacher’s Google Classroom and also on the Medford Public School’s website. They will be posted on the Math Department page as well. Have a wonderful summer!! MPS Elementary Math Coach at the McGlynn and Columbus: Grace Basile [email protected] MPS Elementary Math Coach at the Roberts and Brooks: Ellie O’Leary [email protected] MPS Supervisor of Mathematics Faiza Khan: [email protected] MON TUES JULY 2020 WEDS Outdoor Activity 6 Try using mental math. How many 25’s are in 300? How many 20’s are in 4,000? Record your answers. Explain your solving strategy. 13 The distance from Boston to New York City is 306 kilometers. What is that distance in meters? Record your answer and show your work. 7 Make a set of flashcards with multiplication and division facts through 12x12. Go through the stack with a friend or adult. Record the ones you knew automatically and the ones you didn’t. Continue to practice and see if you improve later this summer. 14 Record the values of each 5 in 573,542. Find and record the diference of those two values. Show your work. ENTERING GRADE 5 THURS 1 Go on an outdoor scavenger hunt for real-world examples of parallel and perpendicular lines. Make a table with two columns titled Type of Lines and Examples. Record your fndings. 8 Watch this video for ideas on creating a sidewalk design; https://www.youcubed.org/res ources/sidewalk-chalkdesigns-k-12-video/ Record your work in a drawing or a photograph 2 Visit the website https://www.multiplication.co m 15 Look outside for things that have at least one line of symmetry. Record or draw as many things as you fnd. List how many lines of symmetry for each. For example: A stop sign has 8 lines of symmetry 16 Solve 32 x 24 using only metal math. Record your solution and explain how you got your answer. 23 Create a graph or a table to represent 25 items in your home with angles. Record the items and how many right angles (90 degrees,) obtuse angles (>90 degrees,) and acute angles (<90 degrees) there are for each item. 30 Show 10 diferent ways to make $4.56 using coins and/or bills. Record your answer. 20 Zoe counts four times as many black kittens as white kittens at the pet store. She counts a total of 25 kittens. How many more black kittens are there than white kittens.? Show your work. 21 Find the area of a room in your house. What other room in your house is close to twice the area of that room? Half of the area of that room? Record your answers and show the math. 22 Go for a walk and time yourself. How long did it take, in minutes ? In seconds ? In hours (use fractions or decimals if necessary) Record your results. 27 1.2 L + .61 L = ? Record your answer and show your work. What is something in real-life that might have that measurement? Explain your 28 It costs $1.70 to ride the bus. If you ride 2 times a day every day in August, how much would you spend? Record your answer. 29 Find a pattern in the way the houses or buildings in your neighborhood are numbered. Record.Then draw an imaginary neighborhood and Play two of the games. Record what games you played, your scores and what math skills you practiced. 9 Write a word problem with an answer of 47

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