Student Name: _____________________ School: __________________ Directions: Circle the problems that completed and return them to your homeroom teacher on the frst week of school. JULY 2020 MON TUES ENTERING GRADE 3 WEDS THURS FRI 1 Write 500 + 60 + 8 as a three-digit number and in words. Draw a picture that represents the number in base ten blocks. 2 A farmer planted some sunfower seeds in uul.. In September, would the. grow closer to 12 inches or 12 feet? How do .ou know? Explain in writing. 3 Pia was having a part.. She put 10 stickers in each part. bag. She made 12 bags. How man. total stickers were in all 12 bags? Show .our work and record .our answer. 6 Look at a clock. Draw what time it shows. Record how man. minutes until the next hour? Draw the clock as it would look at that hour. 7 Practice counting forward and backward b. 2’s, 5’s, and 10’s from ANY number. Can .ou do it while jumping on one foot? Record .our numbers. 8 I have 13 apples, but I onl. want 5. What do I need to do? Draw a picture and write and equation to show .our thinking. 9 What is the temperature toda.? How far is it from 100 degrees Fahrenheit ? How far is from 32 degrees ? Record .our data. 10 Look in .our refrigerator. Record and categorize the items as dair., fruit, vegetable, meat, grains, fats, and other. Make a tall. chart. 13 Write 5 wa.s to make 77 cents. Draw the coins and write the equations for each combination. 14 How man. times can .ou hop on .our left foot in a minute? Your right foot? Compare the number of hops using the s.mbols <, >, =. Record .our expressions. 16 How man. diferent wa.s can .ou cut a sandwich into fourths? Draw the wa.s .ou can do it. 20 What da. of the week is it? What is the date? What was the da. and the date 2 da.s ago? What will tomorrow’s da. and date be? What da. and date will it be in 1 week? 2 weeks? 4 weeks? Record all of .our answers. 21 Tr. some math on 15 Write down ten numbers between 1 and 99. Subtract 10 from each number. Record the equations. Explain the strategies .ou used to subtract ten. 22 Cut out a picture from a magazine or newspaper or use a picture .ou have at home.Glue it to a piece of paper. Write a stor. problem to go along with the picture. Challenge a friend to solve it! 17 You won frst place in a contest! You have two choices for the prize. You can take $20 home with .ou toda. or $2 a da. for the next 15 da.s. Record which option earns more mone.. Record how much more. 24 Count all the books in .our house! Record the count. Is there less or more than 100? Record how man. more or less. 27 Record the ages of all of the people who live in .our house. What is the sum? Write an equation with the answer. 28 Record how man. da.s until .our birthda.? Explain how .ou fgured it out. 29 Find and record 20 coins in .our house. Write how much it is altogether. Record if the total is more or less than $3.00. 30 100 is the answer. What could the question be? Challenge .ourself to think of more questions. Record .our questions. Write about the math that practiced. 23 Find 5 wa.s to make $1.00 using quarters, dimes, nickels, and pennies. Draw pictures of the coins and equations to match. 31 Start at 3 and write all the numbers from 300 to 400 counting b. 3’s. Write down what patterns .ou see. Student Name: _____________________ School: __________________ Directions: Circle the problems that completed and return them to your homeroom teacher on the frst week of school. How much more or less? AUGUST 2020 MON 3 The answer is addition, what is the question ? TUES 4 What is toda.'s weather ? Yesterda. ? Predict the next few da.s and create a chart. 10 Flip a coin 10 times and record .our results. Flip the coin another 10 times. Compare the results. Write what .ou noticed. What do .ou think might happen if .ou fip the coin another 10 times. Tr. it! 17 You have 2 dimes, 1 nickel, and 3 pennies in m. pocket. Record how much mone. .ou have. How much mone. do .ou have if .ou double it ? 11 Pla. 2 games on https://www.mathpla.ground. com 24 The answer is 130. What is the question? … ENTERING GRADE 3 WEDS 5 Write down the .ears people who live with .ou were born. Put them in order from least to greatest. THURS 6 Write the three numbers below in expanded form: (e.g. 538= 500 + 30 + 8) 729, 846, 295 FRI 7 Palindromes are numbers that are the same forward and backwards. (example: 121) How man. can .ou think of? Can .ou fnd some in real li

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