June 15, 2020 Hello families! Summer is here and it’s time to enjoy the warm weather! Getting out with your children safely to explore math in the outdoors can be fun! Indoors or outdoors, math practice helps them get ready for their new school year. The elementary math coaches have created Summer Math Calendars for students to complete at home during July and August. Participation is voluntary. The goal is for students to spend at least 10 minutes a day, 3 to 5 days a week completing their choice of the short activities that are listed on the calendars. Please help them keep their work neat and organized. It can be recorded in a physical notebook, folder or binder and submitted to their new teacher when school resumes. It can also be submitted in one digital fle to the math coaches through email when all of the work is completed. (See below for email addresses.) Be sure to have your child’s FIRST and LAST name and the grade that they are entering visible on the cover of their paper or digital fle. Students who return Summer Math notebooks or folders to their new teachers or the math coaches will receive recognition and an award from the math department if they turn in completed work for at least 24 days. These calendars will be available all summer on their current teacher’s Google Classroom and also on the Medford Public School’s website. They will be posted on the Math Department page as well. Have a wonderful summer!! MPS Elementary Math Coach at the McGlynn and Columbus: Grace Basile [email protected] MPS Elementary Math Coach at the Roberts and Brooks: Ellie O’Leary [email protected] MPS Supervisor of Mathematics Faiza Khan: [email protected] JULY 2020 MON TUES Outdoor activity ENTERING GRADE 3 THURS FRI 1 Write 500 + 60 + 8 as a three-digit number and in words. Draw a picture that represents the number in base ten blocks. WEDS 2 A farmer planted some sunfower seeds in July. In September, would they grow closer to 12 inches or 12 feet? How do you know? Explain in writing. 3 Pia was having a party. She put 10 stickers in each party bag. She made 12 bags. How many stickers were in all 12 bags? Show your work and record your answer. 10 Look in your refrigerator. Record and categorize the items as dairy, fruit, vegetable, meat, grains, fats, and other. Make a tally chart to show the amount of each category. 6 Look at a clock. Draw what time it shows. Record how many minutes until the next hour? Draw the clock as it would look at that hour. 7 Practice counting forward and backward by 2’s, 5’s, and 10’s from ANY number. Can you do it while jumping on one foot? Record the counts for all of your jumps. 8 I picked 27 apples at the orchard. I need to use 8 to make one pie. How many pies will I be able to make? Will I use all the apples? Write your answer and show or explain your work. 9 What is the temperature today? How far is it from 100 degrees Fahrenheit? How far is it from 32 degrees? Record your data. 13 Write 5 ways to make 77 cents. Draw the coins and write the equations for each combination. 14 Go outside to do this activity. How many times can you hop on your left foot in a minute? Your right foot? Compare the number of hops using the symbols <, >, =. Record your expressions. 16 How many diferent ways can you cut a sandwich into fourths? Draw the ways you can do it. 20 What day of the week is it? What is the date? What was the day and the date 2 days ago? What will tomorrow’s day and date be? What day and date will it be in 1 week? 2 weeks? 4 weeks? Record all of your answers. 21 Try some math on https://www.prodigygame.co m 15 Write down ten numbers between 1 and 99. Subtract 10 from each number using mental math. Record the equations. Explain the strategies you used to subtract ten from each number? 22 Cut out a picture from a magazine, newspaper or use a picture you have at home or fnd on the internet.Glue or paste it to a piece of paper or a doc. Write a two-step story problem to go along with the picture. Challenge someone to solve it! 27 Record the ages of all of the people who live in your house. What is the sum? Write an equation with the answer. 28 Record how many days until your birthday. Explain how you fgured it out. 29 Find 20 coins in your house. Record how much it is altogether. Is the total more or less than $3.00.How much more or less? 30 100 is the answer. What could the question be? Challenge yourself to think of more questions. Record your quest

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