Feelings after Reading The Adventures of Tom Sawyer Everyone has a secret story in his heart, and there will be a good memory of his own.As I entered junior high school, I read The Adventures of Tom Sawyer once again. It was totally different from my last recognition, which made me recall my happy childhood with my little friends. Tom Sawyer is a smart and naughty boy. His parents died when he was young. He lives in St. Petersburg, a small town on the Mississippi River in the United States.But he's a real troublemaker.He is extremely tired of boring life, often fights with his classmates and causes trouble, and is not disciplined.Always saddened his Aunt Polly.He loves to be in the limelight, is superstitious, can't stand restraint, and likes to take risks. He has two good friends, Joey Harper (Tom's best friend) and Huckleberry Finn (the town's recognized "wild boy").One night, while Tom and Huck were playing in the cemetery, they witnessed a murder.Tom bravely pointed out the murderer and protected the innocent townspeople.For fear of being retaliated by the murderer and living a loveless life, the three of them escaped from their homes and fled to a desert island to play as pirates.So that they were mistaken for drowning by their families. When they came back from the island to attend their funeral, they became big names.After the summer vacation, they went to look for the treasure.Occasionally, Yinjiang Joey, a cunning murderer, was found hiding his treasure and decided to look for it.Tom and Becky went to the cave after the picnic.After meeting bats and murderers, Tom and Becky scurry around the cave and get lost in the cave. After setbacks, they finally got out of danger by virtue of their strong survivability and perseverance, and found a treasure chest and became millionaires.From then on, Tom and Huck became famous adventure heroes in small towns. In people's eyes, Tom is not a good boy.Mischievous, not serious study, but to me, Tom is a smart, brave, adventurous boy.His courage, wit, helpfulness and bravery are worth learning from him.I think that while learning the knowledge of books well, some basic survival abilities in life also need to be possessed, not blindly reading, because life itself is a good textbook.No matter what difficulties I encounter in peacetime, I should calm down and use my brains to find ways to overcome them. I can't be a coward, and learn to be independent and be a strong and brave child.The Adventures of Tom Sawyer has taught me that a sunny, cheerful, free and confident child is the real happy person. In this direction, I will strive to change myself and make me a confident, brave and pursuing person. [I am impressed by the following good sentences:] 1. Now, in the distance of the woods, a bird cried, another bird answered several times, and then heard a woodpecker pecking wood.The cool grey morning light gradually turned white, and at the same time all kinds of voices increased, and everything gradually showed vitality.Nature shakes off her sleep and presents a vivid wonder to the child who is in a trance. 2. Deep silence, so quiet that even their breathing can be heard clearly.Tom shouted.The shout went out along empty passages, echoing, farther and farther, and finally faded into a weak voice in the distance.The faint voice, like a mockery, hung over the whole cave.The fear in Tom and Becky's heart was magnified in a second order instantly. 3. In the end, the storm, with all its unparalleled vigour, was killing the island like tearing it to pieces in a moment, burning it to ashes, drowning it to the top of the tree, blowing it away, and deafening everything on the island. 4. Watching the faint flame, leap up, fall down, leap up and down again, slowly climb up the thin pillar of smoke, and stay there for a moment - a dark mass of terror engulfed everything.

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