Preparations one or six months ago 1Choose the date of marriage 2Discuss the wedding form (Chinese or Western) 3To make a budget for marriage expenses and discuss the distribution of expenditure with parents of both parties 4Drafting Banquet List V Letter for Wuhan Wedding Planning: 815134639 5Begin to choose the wedding photo studio 6The bride makes a beauty plan and begins to take care of her skin regularly. 7Preparing for new residences and starting to decorate and decorate new houses 8Collecting information on honeymoon travel at home and abroad 9Arrange pre-marital physical examination and go through marriage registration formalities 10Start choosing the clothes of the bride and groom on the wedding day Preparations two or three months ago 1Determine the wedding ceremony and reserve the banquet venue 2Take wedding photos 3Choose bride and groom dresses on the wedding day, rent or make to order 4Arrange the place, time and itinerary of honeymoon travel 5To determine the hairstyle and make-up style, we can try several kinds before deciding. 6The bride begins to take care of her whole body. 7Choose furniture, household appliances and home decorations 8After the decoration of the new house, open the window to ventilate, and do not check in ahead of time. 3. Preparations two months ago 1To apply for marriage leave to the work unit 2Design hairstyle and try on bridal dress 3Identify bridesmaids and groomsmen, and select dresses for bridesmaids and Groomsmen 4Contact travel agencies for honeymoon travel 5To determine the list of guests for the wedding banquet, to draw up the wedding schedule and the seating table 6Designing and Printing Incident Tips 7To decide the bride's bouquet and headdress 8Designing Wedding Banquet Site Arrangement 4. Preparations a month and a half ago 1Send invitations, invite married couples and introducers 2To discuss the details of the secret month trip and the items to be carried 3Reserve floats and arrange parking spaces 4The bride tries on the wedding dress and the groom tries on the dress. 5The bride buys shoes and accessories to match her wedding dress and dress 6Purchase of wedding rings by brides and grooms 5. Preparations a month ago 1Decide and list the details of the wedding 2Decision on camera and photographer 3Staff on Wedding Day 4Organize the clothes, accessories and cosmetics to be used on the wedding day 5Prepare to buy more dowry and check whether the necessities for new marriages are complete. Preparations six or two weeks ago 1To move into a new house, tidy and clean it up, and decorate it so as to make it full of love 2To finalize Honeymoon Trips and hotels and book air tickets 3Find out the dishes, the number of tables and the banquet area with the hotel 4To finalize the list of wedding staff and discuss the division of labor on the wedding day 5Purchase of bride flowers, Bridesmaid flowers, brooches, potted flowers for auditorium and fireworks for limousines Preparations seven or seven days ago 1Purchase of decorations for wedding ceremonies 2Ordering cigarettes, wine, drinks, candies, melon seeds for wedding day 3Last makeup and hairstyle 4Go to the beauty salon for the most comprehensive maintenance 5Prepare all kinds of expenses for the wedding day. Pack the red envelope separately and prepare more spare money. 6Clean up the new house 8. Preparations two days ago 1Confirm details, time and precautions with wedding staff 2The bride removes sweat, body odor, shaves eyebrows, manicures and leg maintenance 3Carries on the whole body skin nursing, massage, relaxes the body and mind, eliminates the tension fatigue 4Check clothing, airline tickets, supplies and enough money for honeymoon travel 5Re-finalize the wedding affairs 6Final determination with a witness or a ceremonialist 9. Preparations a day ago 1Finalize the next day's makeup and hairstyle with the makeup artist 2To determine the matching of wedding dresses, wedding banquet accessories and the order of wearing them, and to hang them neatly in the wardrobe 3Preparing cosmetics 4All jewelry, accessories, stockings, shawls, shoes, etc., which are to be used the next day, should be prepared. 5Final communication between the couple on all matters on the wedding day 6Although very nervous, we must ensure adequate sleep. 10. Preparations for the Day 1Eat a rich breakfast and save energy for a day 2Early rising, hair-dressing, make-up and dressing 3Valuable jewelry and gifts should be cared for by trustwor

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