Automatic fire alarm systemfault analysis 1. Common failures of fire detectors Fault phenomena: fire alarm controller sends out fault alarm, fault indicator lights on, printer print detector fault type, time, location and so on. Fault causes: detector and base fall off, poor contact; bad contact between alarm bus and base; short circuit caused by poor open circuit or grounding performance of alarm bus; detector itself damage; detector interface board failure. Removal methods: tighten the detector or increase the contact area between the base and the detector clamp spring; re-press the bus to make good contact with the base; find out the faulty bus position and replace it; replace the detector; repair or replace the interface board. 2. Common faults of main power supply Fault Phenomenon: Fire alarm controller sends out fault alarm, main power failure light is on, printer prints main power failure, time. Causes of failure: city power outage; poor contact of power cord; main fuse fuse fuse, etc. Removal methods: When power supply is cut off for 8 hours continuously, the main power should be turned off after normal operation, the main power cord should be reconnected or soldered firmly with soldering iron, and the fuse wire or fuse pipe should be replaced. 3. Common faults of standby power supply Fault Phenomenon: Fire alarm controller sends out fault alarm, standby power failure light is on, printer prints standby power failure, time. Causes of failure: damage of standby power supply or insufficient voltage; bad contact of standby battery wiring; fuse wire fuse, etc. Removal methods: 24 hours after starting and charging, the standby battery will be replaced, the connection wire of standby power will be welded with soldering iron to make the standby power in good contact with the host, and the fuse or fuse will be replaced. 4. Common communication failures Fault Phenomenon: Fire alarm controller sends out fault alarm, communication fault light is on, printer prints communication fault, time. Causes of failure: damaged area alarm controller or fire display panel or not on or on; damaged communication interface board; short circuit caused by short circuit, open circuit or poor grounding performance of communication line. Troubleshooting methods: changing equipment to make the power supply of equipment normal and start alarm controller; checking communication lines between regional alarm controller and centralized alarm controller; changing lines if there are open circuit, short circuit, bad grounding contact; checking communication boards between regional alarm controller and centralized alarm controller, if there are faults, repairing or replacing communication boards; if because of detectionEquipment such as module or other equipment causes communication failure, replacing or repairing the corresponding equipment. 5. Auto-alarm and linkage control system of high-power series fire Reasons: The main reason is that the weak current control module is connected with the start-up control cabinet of the controlled equipment, such as roll curtain, water pump, smoke exhaust fan, fire valve and so on. Exclusion: Adding an electrical isolation module between the control module and the controlled equipment. 6. Controller damage caused by short circuit or grounding fault Reasons: The transmission bus is electrically connected with the ground, water pipe, air conditioning pipe, etc., which causes the damage of the controller interface board. Solution: Make good line connection and insulation treatment according to requirements, so that the equipment can be separated from water pipes and air conditioning pipes as far as possible, and ensure that the insulation resistance of equipment and lines meets the design requirements. 7. Reasons for false alarm of automatic fire alarm system: product quality; improper selection and arrangement of equipment; environmental factors; other reasons (aging of original parts, damage of detectors)

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