Tongren 15th Primary School (Second semester of the academic year 2017-2018) main topic class Meeting teach case Team Name: Last Lesson of Safety Education Class 1 (7) Time: 2 July 2018 Safety Education Program for the First Lesson of School Opening Teaching objectives: 1. Understand the hidden dangers of campus security. 2. Master safety knowledge and cultivate students'awareness of "cherishing life, safety first". 3. Education on disaster prevention and emergency prevention. Teaching emphasis: Master safety knowledge and cultivate students'awareness of "cherishing life, safety first". Teaching process: 1. The hidden danger of campus safety.(Please enumerate some phenomena) 1. Potential safety hazards of student gatherings, collective activities and extracurricular activities. 2. Hidden dangers of campus electricity security. 3. Hidden dangers of students'traffic safety. 4The hidden danger of hidden injury on campus. 2. Safety matters that should be paid attention to in student gatherings, collective activities and class activities. 1. What should we pay attention to when going up and down stairs? Don't run because you are in a hurry.(2) The railings must be well supported in crowded places.The whole team should keep a certain distance from their classmates when they go downstairs.Don't put your hand in your pocket when you go upstairs or downstairs.Don't bend down in the corridor to pick up things and tie shoes.Go upstairs and downstairs on the right. 2. In collective activities, all actions should be directed, timed, disciplined, orderly and language civilized. 3. What should we pay attention to during class activities? Classroom activities should be outdoors as far as possible, not far from the classroom, in order to avoid delays in class. (2) The intensity of activities should be appropriate, and no strenuous activities should be done. (3) The way of activity should be simple and easy, such as doing exercises. Fourth, we should pay attention to safety, avoid fierce chase and beating, and avoid sprains, bruises and other dangers. 3. Safety precautions in students'diet. Do not eat expired, rotten food, toxic drugs (such as pesticides, rodenticides, etc.) should be placed in a safe place. It is forbidden to buy food strung with bamboo sticks: oil is used repeatedly, bamboo sticks are easy to hurt people, food hygiene is not guaranteed, fried food has carcinogenic substances. Fourth, matters needing attention in traffic safety. 1Pedestrians walk on the right and watch the traffic. 2Students don't carry people or goods when they ride bicycles. 3Students under 12 do not go to school by bike. 4No cycling in bad weather. 5Students don't chase and play on their way to and from school. 5. Other precautions for campus safety: 1How to strengthen classroom safety? Pay attention to the safety of the classroom.When leaving the classroom, we must close the doors and windows, take money and valuables with us, and don't bring dangerous goods into the classroom. 2Why can't you come to school early? The school door is not open, some students have conflicts outside the school, no mediation will cause unnecessary harm.Crowding outside school gates can cause accidental injuries. 3What should I do when I feel ill? Inform the teacher in charge or the teacher in charge of the class in time, and get in touch with the parents. 4If someone you don't know claims to be a friend of your family, what will you do if you want to take you away? Let the head teacher get in touch with his family first and then depend on the situation. 5Safety Common Sense The basic principles of emergency escape are as follows: Keep calm, seek benefits and avoid disadvantages; Learn to save oneself and protect oneself; Seek every way to keep asking for help; Remember the phone and call for help at any time: "119" - fire alarm "110" - alarm "120" - Emergency "122" - Traffic Accident Alarm When you make a phone call, you should make clear the location, the relevant situation and the prominent features. Six, summary Life is beautiful, life is colorful, and to have all this premise is security.Therefore, we must always strengthen security awareness, and strive to enhance self-defense capabilities, so that the alarm bell rings!

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