Experience of Safety Education Life is beautiful, life is colorful, and to have all this premise is security.Therefore, we must always strengthen the sense of security, and strive to enhance self-defense ability, to make the alarm bell ringing! Students live in a happy, warm family, by parents and family care, love, it seems that there is no danger.However, there are still many things in family life that need to be paid attention to and treated carefully. Otherwise, it is easy to cause danger and accidents.Next, what should we pay attention to in terms of home safety: 1. hidden dangers in campus safety.(Can you enumerate some phenomena). 1. Potential safety hazards of student gatherings, collective activities and class activities.2. Hidden dangers of students'diet and dining safety.3. Hidden dangers of students'traffic safety.4. Hidden danger of hidden injury on campus.2. Safety matters that should be paid attention to in student gatherings, collective activities and class activities.What should we pay attention to when going up and down stairs? 1. Don't run because you are in a hurry.2. In crowded places, the railings must be well supported.3. Keep a certain distance with your classmates when the whole team goes downstairs.4. Don't put your hand in your pocket when you go upstairs or downstairs.5. Don't bend down in the corridor to pick up things and tie your shoelaces.6. Go upstairs and downstairs on the right.In collective activities, all actions should be directed, timed, disciplined, orderly and language civilized.What should we pay attention to in class activities? 1. Outdoor air is fresh, and class activities should be as outdoor as possible, but not far from the classroom, so as not to delay the following courses.2. The intensity of activities should be appropriate, and no strenuous activities should be done to ensure that the class is not fatigued, energetic and full of energy.3. The way of activity should be simple and easy, such as doing exercises.4. Attention should be paid to safety in activities, and vigorous pursuit and beating should be avoided, and dangers such as sprains and bruises should be avoided.3. Safety precautions for students'diet and meals.Do not eat expired, rotten food, toxic drugs (such as pesticides, rodenticides, etc.) should be placed in a safe place.It is forbidden to buy food strung with bamboo sticks: oil is used repeatedly, bamboo sticks are easy to hurt people, food hygiene is not guaranteed, fried food has carcinogenic substances.Traffic safety precautions Pedestrians should walk on the right, cross the street to take the zebra crossing, pay attention to the observation of traffic, stop at red lights, green lights, comply with traffic rules.Attentions for taking a bus: 1. After the bus stops, it can get on and off, and pay attention to order when getting on and off, not crowded.2. When traveling in a car, you should stand firm and firm, do not put any part of your body out of the window. When there are too many people, you should take good care of your belongings and guard against pickpockets.3. Pay attention to public etiquette, always remember Shouchun brand, when I am responsible.Don't make a noise, keep the environment clean, and offer your seat for the elderly if they are sick or disabled.Bicycle riding instructions 1. Learn to understand and consciously abide by road traffic regulations.2. Keep the car in good condition. The bells and brakes are complete and effective.3. In driving, traffic lights must be observed and red lights must not be rushed through.4. When crossing a crossroads without traffic lights, one must pass slowly, two times and three times.5. It must be driven in the prescribed non-motorized lanes; on roads without lane-splitting signs, it must be driven by the side.6. Don't grab the motor lane at will, and don't run side by side with more cars.7. When driving, concentrate your mind and don't listen to radio or music with headphones.8. When turning a corner, you must see the car coming from behind clearly. First, you should extend your hand to indicate that you should not make a sudden turn or a diagonal turn.9. For different weather characteristics, do safe driving: don't ride fast in the wind; don't ride hard against the wind; don't bow your head and don't look at the road; slow riding in foggy weather; stable handlebars in snowy and icy road skiing; pay more attention to str

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