Examination questions for fire safety training in social units Unit Name: Name: Score: 1. Selective Questions (20 questions, 2 points each) 1China's "119" Fire Publicity Day is (A) A, 9 November B, 19 January C, 11 September 2Fire extinguishers should be placed in (B) A. Hidden Place B, Easy-to-use Place C, Far from the Production Workshop 3The initial stage of fire is the stage of fighting fire (B). A, the most disadvantageous B, the most advantageous C, the more disadvantageous D, the more advantageous 4If a unit, in violation of the provisions of the Fire Control Law, arbitrarily reduces the construction of fire control technical standards, uses building components and building materials whose fire protection performance does not conform to the national standards, or uses unqualified decoration and decoration materials for construction, it shall be ordered by the public security fire control organ to make corrections within the time limit and fail to make corrections within the time limit. If the unit fails to make corrections, it shall be ordered to stop construction and may also be fined, and the unit shall be given warn(C) A. Personnel in charge and responsible persons B. Personnel with Leadership Responsibility and Personnel with Direct Responsibility C. Personnel in charge directly responsible and other persons directly responsible D. Managers and other responsible persons with primary responsibility 5Which of the following fire extinguishers is not suitable for extinguishing electrical fire (C) A, CO2 extinguisher B, dry powder extinguisher C, foam extinguisher. 6When your clothes catch fire, you can immediately (C) A. Running away from the fire, extinguishing the flames B, beating them with hands or objects C. Rolling on the spot, extinguishing the flames on the body 7Fire alarm telephone, traffic accident alarm desk and first aid telephone are (A) A, 119 122 120 B, 119 120 122 C, 119 110 122 8What material should the power switch be installed on the base?(A) A, Non-combustible Material B, Combustible Material C, Flammable Material 9The following incorrect methods to prevent smoke poisoning are (C) A. Cover your mouth and nose with a wet towel B, creep forward to escape from fire C, straighten up and run out 10If holding mass activities such as large-scale gatherings, fireworks evening parties and lantern fairs is dangerous to fire, the sponsor must declare to (C). A. Local Government B, Public Security Agency C, Public Security Fire Fighting Agency 11Fire control rooms must implement a daily hourly duty system, each shift should not be less than people.(C) A, 81B, 122C, 242 12In the process of using the fire extinguisher, we should pull out the safety pin, relax the angle handle when pulling out the pin, hold the sprinkler, aim at (C), sweep-fire from near to far, and move forward step by step. A. Aim at the fire source B. Aim at the nearest fire source. C. Aiming at the fire source D. Aiming at the upper part of the fire source 13The legislative purpose of the Fire Protection Law of the People's Republic of China is to prevent and reduce fire hazards, strengthen emergency rescue work, protect (D) safety and maintain public safety. A, Life B, Property C, Person, Property D, Citizen Person 14(B) A. Mutual extrusion to death B, suffocation to death C by inhalation of smoke, burning to death 15When using carbon dioxide fire extinguishers, people should stand at (A) A, upper wind level B, lower wind level C, no definite position 16(A) Doors and windows shall not be equipped with obstacles affecting escape and fire fighting and rescue A. Personnel-intensive Places B, Residential Building C, School Laboratory Building D, Hospital Administration Building 17Anyone who finds a fire should call the police immediately.Any unit or individual shall (A) facilitate the alarm and shall not obstruct the alarm. A, B, C, D, Consciousness 18Fire safety training for employees in public gathering places shall be conducted at least once (B). A, One Year B, Half Year C, First Quarter D, One Month 19(C) materials shall be used for interior decoration and decoration of personnel-intensive places in accordance with the requirements of fire control technical standards. A, B, C, D, above all 20Dry powder ABC fire extinguisher, pressure gauge pointer is safe and available when located in (B). A, Red Zone B, Green Zone C, Yellow Zone D, or above 2. Multiple topics (10 questions, 2 points each) 1(ABCD) A. Fire safety educatio

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