Problems of Map Recognition in the Assessment of Architectural Drawing Achievement Construction: 1What are the indoor and outdoor elevations of the main floor of the building?What is the height difference between indoor and outdoor? 2What is the opening and depth of the main room (main bedroom or office) of the building? 3Which parts of the building in the drawing are only shown on the floor plan? 4What is the height of the third floor of the building? 5What are the axes, rooms and contents of the section? 6What are the main contents of the drawing of the roof plan in this project?What is the drainage slope? How many drains have been set up? 7How about the facade wall of the building? 8How did I get the 1-1 profile? 9Look at the details of the staircase. What is the net width of the staircase?Step width?Horizontal direction length of ladder?The width and height of tread? 10What is the practice of the side facade wall of the building? 11Look at the picture and tell us the structural form of the building.(Masonry structure?Frame structure? Frame-shear structure?Shear wall structure?) 12Is the roof flat or sloping?What is the slope? 13Find an index number from the graph to illustrate its significance. 14Find out a detailed drawing number from the drawing to illustrate its significance. 15From the wall block diagram, we can know the construction method of those components.Taking one of the components as an example, the method (size, material, setting level, etc.) is introduced. 16What kind of masonry material is used in the wall of this project?How many kinds of wall thickness are there?Point out its source. 17How many doors of different specifications are there in this project?What is the size and opening mode of a self-selected door? 18How many windows of different specifications are there in this project?What is the size and opening mode of a window of your choice? 19What is the shape of the project?How about the household size?It is pointed out in the figure. 20Point out the height of the outer window of the building and illustrate it by drawing. Application: 1Which drawings do structural drawings usually refer to? 2What is the basic form of this building?How to identify it? 3What is the size of the base plate from the drawings? 4What do the'/'and'+' in the beam's flatness indicate respectively? 5Describe the reinforcement of J1 (optional one or more)? 6In the plane diagram of structural layer, find out a kind of column, and illustrate the method of the column's expression with examples. 7In the plane diagram of structural layer, a kind of beam is found, and an example is given to illustrate the normal representation of the beam. 8What does KL7 (5A) mean? 9Select a cast-in-place slab to explain the reinforcement in the slab? 10Explain the reinforcing steel in staircase staircase panel? 11What does [email protected](4)/150(2) mean? 12What does G412 mean? 13What is the meaning of the elevation difference of the top surface of a beam written as (-0.100)? 14Name the structure form, foundation type, wall material and concrete grade of the project, and indicate the source. 15Component code and reinforcement in staircase structure detailed drawing. 16Write out the component code of frame beam, frame column and pile. 17Write out the component code of beam, awning and ring beam. 18Write out the component code of hollow slab, prestressed hollow slab and stairway platform slab. 19How to express shear wall in horizontal marking? 20In the structural layer diagram, find out the in-situ labeling of a beam and explain its significance.   20People waste because they are unhappy, which is a kind of compensation function.   21I want you to know that there will always be someone waiting for you in this world, no matter when, no matter where, anyway, you know, there will always be such a person.   22If it smells like camphor, it is sweet and steady, like a piece of music with distinct memory, sweet and sad, like a forgotten sorrow.   23For people over 30 years of age, ten or eight years is nothing more than a matter between seams. For young people, three or five years can be a lifetime.   24Generally speaking, most people who have lived for half their lives have some real life experience and some unique opinions.It never occurred to them to write it down, and things passed by and disappeared.   25Men do wrong, but women go far to plan how to do wrong.Women don't think much about

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