Medical Quality and Medical Safety Assessment Scoring Standard (Chaoju Eye Hospital) project Assessment criteria and Examination contents deduction criteria 1Safety The section director holds at least Management one scientific meeting every month. and The contents of the records of the Continuous scientific Improvement implemented in the record book of of the scientific meeting. They should Medical Quality in be meeting reflected should in the be follow-up Departments management of the Department and (30) the effect of the implementation No division without minutes There are meeting, minutes no of signatures the of participants or no evidence of implementation, 5 points deducted should be recorded in the record of the next scientific meeting. 2Quality Controller monthly quality attends the assessment on structure of schedule (3 points) 3(2 points) 4(a) Character Check the Recordbook department staff (medical treatment Medical and nursing) (2 points), division of Management and Continuous responsibilities Improvement replacement plan (1) for emergency department staff (1 point) B. Clear team leader and members, clear responsibilities (2 points) C. Archives of Construction Personnel According to the Requirements of Quality, of Safety First Class Hospital Assessment (2 points) 5Professional learning and full-time The criteria for complete and training (not required for deputy chief true physicians for more than three years) archives are: there are real (12 points) assessment A. Quarterly training plan of "three skills), which can be scored at bases and three stringencies" for least once in a quarter, and no each department (1 point), materials papers or papers can not be for quality of service and safety scored education and training for all staff true.Learning record of safety (self-prepared) (1 point) training B. The "Three Basics and Three once a month, and can be Strictness" training assessment files scored, are complete and authentic, with scored. each person participating in the examination papers, etc. (1 point) C. Business learning record of the quality of education document service and learning, and safety training, core key system learning, etc. Participants sign up for 100% (1 point) D. Business learning record book (8 points) Departments business learning record book requires at least 4 times a month, with 2 points deducted for each missing time.One point deducted for each blank record score if of papers they should no assessment be record (theory, are not at least can be or copy 16Core 2(10 points) System Awareness Examination Preparing core system test papers, Conversion of score by score randomly selected one resident, 3Consultation 1The Department has consultation Three medical records were system records, which include information selected. The medical records about other were about 10 days in hospital departments and other departments and the surgical records were (consultation medical record number, about 10 days after operation. points) (10 consultation department, purpose, from consultation treatment time, opinions, implementation).(A total of 3 points, no points without consultation records, incomplete records deduct 0.5 points per place) 2(1) Consultation application form should be filled out in detail, and the purpose of consultation should be clear (1 point). No generation signature should be issued (1 point). 3Check the time of consultation application and the consultation arrival. consultation arrival requirements (1 time The time meets point). of of the The consultant does not write the time deduction points. 4Check the implementation of doctor's advice after consultation (1 point) 5Check whether consultation opinions and doctor's orders are reflected in the course of disease (1 point) 6Consultation application form and consultant's opinions are specific and instructive (1 point) 7Consultants must be attending physicians and above (1 point). 1Check whether there are three-level physician rounds in operating 43-level medical records (2 points) physician 2Check whether the plan of diagnosis responsibility and treatment (1 point) and the system special examination (1 point) in the points) (5 operating medical record have been checked and confirmed by the superior p

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