I. Purpose of running a school With the aim of pursuing high quality, high level and high reputation, relying on heuristic education concept and vigorous team, we can provide the best education service for primary and secondary school students.Rigorous school-running mode and high-quality teaching effect should focus on stimulating learning interest, integrating advanced teaching resources and materials. While imparting knowledge, students'confidence in learning should be established and their learning ability should be fostered so as to comprehensively improve students' learning allocation, individualized learning assistance plan and the most suitable teaching plan, release the potential of each student, and cultivate children's reading and development.Current problems, problem analysis, problem solving, communication and expression, cooperative learning, self-control and adjustment, induction and summary, innovation and other learning abilities, to cultivate children's learning plan formulation, pre-class preview, note-taking, after-class summary, examination summary of five good learning habits. Primary school to senior high school students and technical school students are our target customers.Students in the dropout class are mainly trained in fine small classes (2-4 persons). Some students from wealthy families in the dropout class are trained in "1-to-1" and "1-to-2" individualized counseling.Junior 3 and senior 3 are the main target customer groups. They adopt the "1-to-1" and "1-to-2" personalized counseling model.Among them, the "1-2" model students must have common characteristics, comparability, equivalent foundation and equal acceptance ability. A. Student orientation: middle school students from middle and high income families are the main ones, and low-income family trusteeship and junior college students are the auxiliary ones. B: Teacher orientation: Full-time teachers in our school are the main part, while in-service teachers in key middle schools and excellent postgraduates in well-known universities are supplemented by part-time jobs.Bachelor degree or above is required. Experience is preferred. C: Educational location: near Eqianqi Middle School. D: Enrollment model: entrust middle school students (preferably influential student union cadres) to distribute leaflets in the class; entrust relevant school leaders or teachers (head teachers, deeply loved by students, assistant teachers generally do not teach themselves as tutors, driven by interests, will introduce students to my institution to study, extract commissions, improve student performance, as a head teacher.They will be rewarded and will form a long-term interest chain with our organization. E: Enrollment publicity: poster publicity, leaflet publicity, banner publicity, site publicity, city forum posting, cooperation with businessmen near the campus, keep informed, conduct a "free learning" in summer and winter (for students with poor family and excellent quality), and properly increase media publicity.In the latter stage, word-of-mouth and other forms of propaganda go hand in hand. II. Educational Model Personalized Education Thought: The most suitable education is the best education. Personalized Education Idea: Multiple Learning. Personalized education model: one-to-one (group and large class can also be realized) Personalized education technology: personalized analysis, personalized management, personalized teaching, personalized learning. Personalized education system: a team coaches a student. Personalized slogan: Lead growth and achieve the future. 1Teaching Characteristics Heuristic Teaching-Innovation-Practice Knowing how to inspire is an art of teaching.The art of education is not to impart, but to inspire and awaken.The process of individual development should be encouraged as much as possible in education.Children should be guided to explore and deduce by themselves.If a gentleman wants to use knowledge to enlighten a student buried in ignorance, he must first arouse his attention so that he can absorb knowledge with a greedy mind.Teachers'duty is not to teach their children what they want to learn, but to inspire their children's interest in learning. Only when their interest is strong, can they teach them how to learn, which accords with the principle of good education.Tell them as little as possible, and lead them to discover as much as possible.The more questions a child poses, the more

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